Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Special Guest Gives Me A Touching Speech

This morning team 5 went to go sit on the streets, we waiting to see a special guest. The first thing I saw was a man standing next to Mr Wisemen, I was wondering  what is he doing here. Then Mr Wisemen said "Say good morning to Mr Patterson" So he told us we are going to talk about what do we want to do in the future. 

Image result for be a giverHe also talked about be a giver or if you don't want to be a giver be a taker.  Also AIM which mean (A = Aspiring ) (I = Inspiring ) M = Motivation) . Which means AIM for success which is such a good quote for people to inspire to.

Also talked about a boy named Willie who gave his lunch money to a homeless person who need food which was such a blessing. He was on television and the homeless person now has a job, a big house and all because a 11 year old gave food to him. Hear is a link to find out more about Willie

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  1. Thanks Anna,
    I enjoyed reading your blog...
    Much better to be a GIVER rather than a taker...
    Takers tend to be selfish...givers are generous.
    The world needs more givers and fewer takers!!