Friday, 18 March 2016

Maths Problem Solving Week 6

WALT: Use multiplication facts we know to solve larger multiplication problems by rounding and compensating.

Mr Somerville and Miss West teaches me how to solve a problem with multiplication. Hope you enjoy this presentation. I would really like it if you checked out some of my other post. Please leave a comment on my blog.

Addition/ Subtraction Where am I at?

WALT: Add/subtract numbers with ten and ones.

Mr Somerville and Miss West told me how to work a problem with Addition and Subtraction. Hope you enjoy this post, I would be happy if you checked out my other posts. Please leave a comment on my blog. 

Week 5 Problem Solving

WALT: Demonstrate our knowledge so far addition and subtraction 

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Anna and Nyree movie

WALT: Identify how early Maori used rocks for daily living

Anna and Nyree movie from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

My friend and I made a movie about Maori rocks there is a lot of information in this movie. Here is more about the Maori rocks it is a presentation,  Hope you enjoy this movie and the presentation, I would really be happy if you looked at my other post, Thanks.    

Monday, 14 March 2016

Dictagloss WK 7

WALT:  Write what is  being dictated us, word of word.

The Cursed Treasure
Captain Morgan Adams was tyrant, a pirate bent on causing mayhem and habick. Across the seven seas but also a enemy of the British empire. Along with his crew they had boarded smaller ships and taken their booty for keeping. This all changed when they came across the cursed treasure of Davy Jones locker.

This is a story about a pirate named Captain Morgan Adam, Hope you enjoyed the writing. Please check out my other post, BYE!!.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Nyree and Anna Maori Rocks

WALT: Identify how early Maori used rocks for daily living.

This presentation is about Maori rocks there are pictures of them on the 2nd slide. Hope you enjoyed this presentation, I would be happy if you went to go check some other post. Please leave a comment and also go visit my friend's blog Nyree she helped me as well. BYE!!

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Ipad learning

With Mr Baxendine and Mrs Jacobsen we were learning how to post a movie to our drive on the Ipad. Then we has to go to our drive and we pressed our Ipad folder. Next we pressed the little plus on the corner. After that we clicked upload a video. Then you have to wait until it has uploaded. Then we go on a chromebook and post it on our blog.

Here is our video about how to post a video onto our drive and blog. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Zac the knight

Zac the knight
Zack was ecstatic but also curious. What was a knight and shining armor doing out in the middle of the forest? Let alone wanting to play with dragon’s. Didn't he know they were meant to be enemies after all? Surely he was up to something, and it was up to Zac to find out this knight's ulter motive .

My score out of 15: 14

Friday, 4 March 2016

Maths Problem Solving Week 4

Walt: rearrange addition and subtraction problems to simplify how we solve them 

Today Miss West and Mr Somerville teaches me how to do place values and it is very fun. Hope you enjoy, Please leave a comment on my blog. Also please check out some other posts. BYE!!!

Narrative writing

Dragon, Green, Blue, Draw,
WALT: Edit a paragraph and insert punctuation marks in the right places

Once upon a time there was a dragon named Zack he was playing in the forest with his brother, When another dragon came along “what are you to doing?” he asked “we’re playing knights” they replied “do you want to play too?"

“Yes I would love to play” “what are you playing?” He added. “ We are playing tag”. “ Well my name is Bob what’s yours?” “ My name is Zack and this is my brother Max” He replied.

The three dragons played tag, After that
t something horrible happened Bob "tripped” OOWWW” Bob screamed “ W-What happened?” Asked Zack and Max” You tripped me” said Bob” NO” replied Max and Zack”. “ Stop lying” said Bob. Max and Zack flew away and then Bob started to follow “ Go away” said Max “ It is payback” So they started to scream at each other.

After that Zack and Max’s Mum came and said “ Max, Zack Dinner Time.” Coming” said Zack and Max. So Max and Zack flew to their house and said “ Bye Bob” Bob was so angry he wanted to punch Max and Zack. They both flew away and Bob never bothered Zack and Max again.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Anna and Nyree's Interview

Nyree and I made a movie about a book and it is called Living on a Lava flow, We also did bloopers because we made a lot of mistakes, It is very funny. Hope you enjoy, Please leave a comment on our blogs Bye.
Nyree and Anna Living on a Lava Flow from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.