Monday, 28 August 2017

Speech Finals

On Friday the 25th of August at 12:00 team 5 all went to go sit down on the streets, we were getting ready to hear the speech finalist competition, there were about 13 competitor who attended the finals, it was a mix of girls and boys. 

Image result for Amelia @ pt england schoolThe first person to say there speech was Amelia, her speech was about her pass with her grandma working at her old school Riverina Primary School, she was talking about her grandma smiling while cleaning stinky toilets but when she passed away she really knew why she was smiling she was smiling because she saw her and and her little sister Monika. What I liked about this speech was she was talking about her life and at the end she said " My grandma was smiling because she saw her beautiful cheeky granddaughter". 
Image result for Lotu @ pt england

My favourite speech was Lotu because her speech was so interesting because she was talking about having a simple life, two of my favourite quotes that she said is " Find good people and leave the bad ones" and "Live, Laugh and Love because you only come around once. She had a great hook that said " People do alot of dumb things when they hit the age 12 and over. 

All these speeches were so interesting one or two of them will say there speech at assembly. 

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Solving Word Problems

   My maths group and I are starting to use screencastify and we are learning how to solve maths problems. Watch this video and find out how I solved one of my questions. What I used for this video is addition, subtraction, division, multiplication. Hope you enjoy my video with my group.
If you wondering who the other girls were visit there blog now. Link over here. Ana , Myztique
Click on the two girls names.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Fractions Practice

WALT: Revise and remember our knowledge on fractions.
When Room 3 maths was tested by Mrs Tele'a the question that most of us got wrong was fractions so we had to practice our fraction and in this presentation it shows how much I know my fractions so hope you enjoy it.