Friday, 16 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey - Australia- Day 1 - Week 1


Activity 1

I would like to visit the country Australia because I really want to see animals I haven't seen like kangaroo's and koala's. Also I think it would be fun because all the hot beaches with the beautiful sea. Some of my family live in Australia so I would love to go and meet them. I might even see people from the pass like my old teachers and my old friends.

Activity 2

Australia is the 6th larges country in the earth

Australia has more reptiles than any other country, they have over 750 reptiles living in there area.

The worlds largest reef system is in the North-Eastern Coast of Australia and it is called the

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  1. Kia ora Anna, awesome to see the Summer Learning Journey posts beginning to appear, and on the last day of school too.
    I remember my first visit to Australia and seeing kangaroos and koalas for the first time. They were a lot bigger than I had imagined. Also the sand at the beach was so hot we could not walk on it with bare feet. Enjoy your summer learning, Mrs Grant

  2. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I really wanted to post something then I heard about the Summer Learning thing so I really wanted to do it

  3. Hi Anna! I think that it is very cool that you want to go to Australia. I have two cousins in Brisbane. I also think that koalas are very cute.

    From Aronui (Rachel's son)

  4. Hi Anna!

    I am so pleased to see that you've already posted so many activities for the Summer Learning Journey programme. That is fantastic!

    You have made a great choice with Australia and you've already taught me a lot. I had no idea that there were 750 kinds of reptile in Australia. WOW! I must admit that I am not a huge fan of reptiles...

    Are you?

    Keep up the great work with your blogging!


  5. Thanks Rachel,

    I don't know if i'm a fan of reptiles cause some are scary but I bet they are not harmless. Thanks for commenting on my blog.


    From: Anna

  6. G'Day Anna,
    My name is Tania and I am a Manaiakalani Outreach Facilitator. I have been emailing with Rachel and she has told me all about The Summer Learning Journey, it's great to see you have made a start and finished a few days worth of activities. What part of Australia do your family live in? I have family who live in the Gold Coast and I like to go and visit them. When my children were young we took them to Australia Zoo and they loved being able to pat the Kangaroos and Koalas. You are right about the beaches being beautiful and the weather hot. Have fun learning more about Australia and sharing your learning on your blog. Happy holidays.

    1. Thank you Tania,

      But I don't really know where my family lives in Australia. All I know is that they live some where in Australia. Thank you for your lovely comment. It is so cool to meet someone from Manaiakalani Outreach Facilitator, I don't know about that kind of thing. But I will search it up.

      Thank you,

      From: Anna

  7. Kia ora Anna!

    I'm Mark - a teacher working for the Summer Learning Journey programme. Look at all these comments!! You must be a very good writer! I also have some experience from Australia - it was the very first country I ever went to outside of New Zealand. I went all on my own when I was 20 years old, and stayed for 9 months! It was amazing!

    On my first evening there in Sydney I was staying in a backpackers hostel and we were having a BBQ on the roof, the sun was setting and it was a beautiful purple and orange sunset, and there in the distance, flying across the skyline, were a group of fruit bats (I had never seen bats before!) It was absolutely beautiful and I will always remember it!

    Keep up the great work! I can't wait to read some more of your blogs. I hope you are having a lovely summer holiday!


  8. No I have not heard of Drop Bears. But I will search it up, Thanks about your comment about me as a good writer. But I wouldn't call my self that I rather call me NORMAL because I try my best to write things. Also everyone is unique, thank you for your comment on my blog post. You almost comment on all my post.

    Thanks you Mark. ( But what should I call you)

    From: Anna