Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Tuckshop Duty

WALT: Work collaboratively to solve word problems instructions. 

For this weeks activity we learnt about a book called Tuck shop Duty. This book is about a boy named Jack and he is really nervous about doing tuck shop duty. In the book it say a lot of different maths problems and we have to answer it.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Writing Paragraphs

For literacy we are learning to write really detailed paragraphs. For this we had to have a partner, my partner was Adrienne. Together we had to write a paragraph all together about Jacinda Ardern. After that we had to choose out of the two famous people, who was Andrew Fifita and Parris Gobel. Adrienne and I decided to choose Andrew Fifita. After that we had to make up our own hero and write about them I chose Jason Taumalolo and Adrienne wanted to do Michael Jones.

Conjunctions Complex Sentences

WALT: How to use conjunctions to construct complex sentences 

In my literacy class we are learning about conjunctions complex sentences. We had to buddy up with someone so my partner was Adrienne first we were suppose to write about a book we were reading which was The Lion, the Witch and Wardrobe. Then we had to write sentences about Japan being a Zero Waste Town. If you want to find out more information please carry on looking through my presentation.

The Real Thing

In this presentation, I had to write down the title of the book, the blurb on the back of the book, and the author. and what I thought about the book - THE REAL THING!! In the last slide it said I can create a presentaion about the author. Here it is, Hope you enjoy

Decimals - Word Problems

WALT: Work collaboratively to solve word problems. 

Kia Ora, this is my presentation about decimals. Looking through this presentation made me understand more about decimals, I have learnt different words such as deposits and withdrawal. Hope you will learn something new from this presentation.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Decimals with my group

 WALT: Work collaboratively to solve word problems

My group and I were learning about decimals, in my group was : Ana, Myztique, Bryana, Uasi, and of course myself. We had to read the word problem and solve it Keep on reading to find out more!!

For the first question was 4.26 + 7.54 + 3.90 = 15.7, the first thing we did was

 4.26 + 7.54 = 11.8 
then 11.8 + 3.90 = 15.7 so the answer is 15.7

The second question was 30.77 + 94.65 = 125.32 

         so the answer is 125.32
Next is the third question which was
9639.66 + 2332.55 - 1780.30 = 10191.91, First we added 9639.66 + 2332.55 = 11872.31 then we minus 11972.31 - 780.40 = 10191.91

Thanks for reading my blog post about decimals. Hope you enjoyed learning with me.