Friday, 28 September 2018

Presentations 2018

Today was a special day for team five. We are performing the dances we have been practising for about four weeks, first we had to get dressed. My group was wearing a lavalava and a sei (which is a flower). Our performance was a Samoan maulu’ulu, in my group I was blessed with these two talented Samoans who is Petesa and Adrienne.

First Mr Wiseman had a number generator to see what class, was going to perform first. It landed on Room 5 then it was Room 1, Room 2, Then my class ROOM 3!! My group was performing 3rd to last. When we performed I was so nervous I was trying to smile but my stomach kept on rumbling.

After we performed I was so relieved I just wanted to run off the stage but first I bowed and walked off gracefully because it was a cultural dance. When we got off the stage room 3 needed one more performances by Tevita, Javan, and Leo. After their performance it was time for Room 4.

When we finished all of our performances from Team 5 we had to say Thank you to Team 3 for taking their time to watch us perform.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018



My physical activity is Samoan Ma ulu'ulu in my group I have Petesa, Adrienne, and myself. We learnt this dance in over 2-4 weeks and it was really challenging for me because I am not Samoan. When we perform next week I am going to be very nervous and shy.  

Friday, 7 September 2018

Rugby League Man

WALT: Infer and find hidden meaning in text

This week we are learning about a boy name Logan who has 3 poster of his rugby league hero, who is Billy Slater, Benji Marshal, and Manu Vatuvei. Keep on clicking on the presentation to find out more.