Thursday, 13 April 2017

My Term of being a year 7!!

My Term of being a year 7!!
We all know that the term is going to end sooner or later. So today Thursday 13th of April is my last day of school. First of all I would love to give a big thank you to my teachers for making me have a smile on my face everyday. I love being a year 7 because I get to be a role model to the younger kids and show what awesome looks like.

I know the younger kids is looking up to me because I am older than them and I should be a great leader for my school because whenever I am  wearing my uniform that means I am wearing it with pride and representing my beautiful school Pt England.

I love having a blog because I can show what I think and what my opions about different things and it can show what I am learning in my class. I love blogging I also came 3rd in the summer learning journey

This year my team was learning about how to keep my environment happy and clean. I also learned about to not waste water. I am looking on these questions such as, What will you do if you had no water? What will we drink? Is water important? Are we saving water. All those questions got me thinking am I saving my water, and I realised that the answer is no. All of us is not saving water how do I. Because I know all of you guys out there love to take about 1-2 hours of showering you know what that is called WASTING!!

SHOW SUPPORT!!! If you don’t know what that means it means if someone is singing and you know the words sing along. Then you can show everyone that you are supporting each other then it will go into a chain and your whole school will be singing.

THANK YOU MY BEAUTIFUL TEACHERS!!! ESPECIALLY YOU MRS TELE’A. My teacher are the coolest 2nd coolest most kindest human beings on the earth because they have loved me and looked after me. Some of them teaches me great education and lot’s of hard work.

That is all about my first term being a year 7. It was the best term ever. Thank you Pt England for making me a happy little girl.

*I am going to be posting everyday*

*Here is my blog*

*Here is my award that says I came 3rd in the Summer Learning Journey*

Here is the Team Leader, My home class teacher, and my maths teacher. INTRODUCING... MRS TELE'A she the most kindest lady in the class she has a beautiful smile on everyday. 

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Weekly Quiz!!!

Weekly Quiz!!!
1. An Auckland outbreak of an infectious disease has been in the news a lot recently. What is the name of the disease involved?
Answer: C) Typhoid - On Friday the Auckland Regional Public Health Service said there were 18 confirmed cases of typhoid in the city. All those who are affected are members of a Samoan Assembly of God church that meets in Mt Roskill.  

2 . Christchurch City Council has raised the prospect of a small rates increase which would fund …?
Answer: B) Swimming lessons for all students in the city - The draft idea would mean an average rates rise of about 30 cents per ratepayer, and would ensure kids got swimming lessons. 3.

3. In which rugby team is Sonny Bill Williams playing? Answer: C) The Blues - Sonny Bill Williams debuted for the Blues from the bench in the weekend. It is his first game of 15s since the 2015 Rugby World Cup final against Australia.

4. Against which country has the US launched a missile attack?
Answer: C) Syria - About 60 US Tomahawk missiles, fired from warships in the Mediterranean Sea, targeted an air base in retaliation for a chemical weapons attack that American officials believe Syrian government aircraft launched with a nerve agent, a sarin. 5.

5. What was stolen in a recent ram raid of a Parnell auction house? Answer: A) historical paintings of a Maori Chief and Chieftainess - The pair of Gottfried Lindauer artworks of the Chief and Chieftainess Ngatai Raure - were taken from the International Art Centre. The paintings are collectively worth more than $1 million. 6.

6. Why were people who wash car windows at a South Auckland traffic intersection, in the news recently? Answer: B) They directed traffic after traffic lights failed - When police failed to turn up to a power outage at the Cavendish Drive and Great South Road intersection, window washers stepped up to the task and controlled the traffic for around an hour.

7. In which South American country have massive landslides caused wide-spread suffering in the last week? Answer: C) Colombia - Landslides have killed at least 112 people in south-west Colombia and left many more injured. Days of heavy rains caused rivers to burst their banks, flooding homes with mud in Putumayo province.

8. A report by economic researchers has estimated that the Government could help the fishing industry protect the Maui’s dolphins for …? Answer: B) $26 Million - A Colmar Brunton poll showed that seventy-five per cent of New Zealanders said yes, the government should spend the money to help save the dolphins. There's estimated to be just 63 adult Maui's dolphins left in the world.

9. Which Australian rap artist was seen in New Zealand recently? Answer: B) Iggy Azalea - Rumour has it that the artist was in Queenstown for a Universal Music get together.

10. True or false, recent research conducted by Consumer New Zealand found that sea salt flakes are much better for us than table salt? Answer: False - All salt contains 100 per cent sodium chloride. Although some “fancy” salts claim to have other elements such as magnesium or iron, they are in such small quantities that they’re of little benefit.

11. Which ocean separates the United States and Europe and is sometimes referred to as ‘The Pond’? Answer: A) Atlantic

12. What is the name of the New Zealand consumer affairs television programme that has just turned forty? Answer: A) Fair Go - Fair Go is currently hosted by Pippa Wetzell and Hadyn Jones. It first aired in 1977, it is one of New Zealand's longest-running and highest-rated programmes.

13. Which drink company has pulled a television advertisement featuring Kendall Jenner because of intense criticism? Answer: B) Pepsi - Pepsi pulled the ad after it was widely mocked and criticised for appearing to trivialise protests for social justice causes.

14. Which politician is currently being sued by millionaire hotel owners? Answer: C) Andrew Little - Scenic hotel owners Earl and Lani Hagaman want $2.3 million in damages for a press release and five additional comments that were made in the media by Mr Little. Mr Little questioned the timing of a $100,000 donation Mr Hagaman made to the National Party on 2014, and his Scenic Hotel winning a government contract to run a Niue resort.

15. True or false, Star Wars actor Harrison Ford will lose his pilots license after an incident earlier in the year that saw him mistakenly land his plane on a taxiway? Answer: False - Ford will retain his pilot's license without restriction after landing on a taxiway at John Wayne Airport in Orange County on February 14. Mr Ford collects vintage planes and has had a pilot’s license for more than 20 years.

1. Bill English - Answer: New Zealand’s PM has come under fire after posting photos of his spaghetti pizza on social media. It even had pineapple on it!

2. Gordon Ramsay - Answer: He stood incredibly still in front of in one of Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum's rooms — alongside wax figures of David and Victoria Beckham. Once museum goers got close enough or may have noticed something slightly off about Ramsay, he pounced.

3. C) Edgecumbe - Answer: The Eastern Bay of Plenty town quickly flooded when a flood protection wall alongside the Rangitaiki River gave way. Almost all of the town’s residents had to be evacuated at short notice. Cyclone Debbie brought heavy rain to the area, but there are concerns from residents that the management of the Matahina Dam upstream may be responsible for the flash flood.

4. Answer: Hungary

5. a. South Island Kokako - Answer: While it has been classified as extinct since the 1970s, compelling reports of sightings of the kokako in recent years has resulted in official recognition it may yet still exist. Two conservation trusts have now put up a $15,000 reward for information leading to confirmation the bird is still alive.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Adding and Subtracting

­čî║Giant Gone Missing­čî║

­čî║Giant Gone Missing­čî║

It has been written that the giant has gone missing. We searched the giant’s house and have found a clue.

The clue belongs to Jack he was the last one who had the magic beans. Finally as we found Jack he said he didn’t do it. We were trying to find the Giant's body. But we have found security footage plugged into a house nearby. In the footage we only can see that the giant was pushed from his house high above.

We do not know who pushed the Giant.

Pigeon Impossible Explanation

Pigeon Impossible Explanation

We are writing about why/ why not is it the pigeon’s fault from making the whole city almost blow up. I think it was not the pigeon’s fault because…

First reason why it is not the pigeon fault is because if the man didn’t leave his briefcase open the pigeon won’t be in the briefcase destroying almost the whole town.

How Sea Turtles Grow into Adults

How Sea Turtles Grow into Adults
Sea turtles have been around for 150 million years. It takes around 20 years for a turtle to grow to be a breeding adult.

First it starts with a mother sea turtle, the mother sea turtles lays the eggs then the sea turtle buries the eggs under the ground, mother sea turtles lays about 50-200 eggs. It takes about 6 weeks to hatch. Only 20% of the eggs hatch. Each small enough to fit in your palm of your hand.

After that the baby turtles hatch and they are on a journey, it is a journey because the little babies have to go past their predators which is: Crabs, Seagull, and most importantly pollution. Only 50% of the turtles don’t survive.

Then some of the baby turtles have some more predators from the sea which are: sharks, fish, dolphins and big waves.  Also 50% of the sea turtles die. Sea Turtles can grow really big.From Example: In 10 years grow from size of a dinner plate to a dinner table.

It will take 20 years to be a breeding adult. Female sea turtles swim to the beach to burrie there eggs.

Simple & Compond Words

WALT: Identify & Write simple and compound sentences

Monday, 3 April 2017

Talking Points and Agree/Disagree

WALT: Participate  in group discussion by actively speaking and listening.