Monday, 9 January 2017

Summer Learning Journey- Week 2 - Day 9 - Activity 2 - 18 people in my family.

On the post I have to Imagine that I was in a family of 18 brothers and sisters. What would I think to live in a house with that many people.

I think it would be loud and annoying because the younger siblings will be loud but I live in a family of 11 and it is annoying but 18 no thank you to many people so I think there be a lot of crying and fighting.

So that's what I think about that hope you enjoy that little paragraph.


  1. Haha! I agree. I already find it hard to handle 5 brothers and sisters, I don't know how I could live with so many kids!

  2. Haha but my family is so big I have 5 younger siblings they are so loud and they always play games they leads them to fights I just try to stop it but it makes it worse because they cry really loud which is so annoying.

    Thanks Mark your like the only person who understands me.

    From: Anna

  3. Oh yeah I understand it, Anna!

    It was actually me causing a lot of the trouble when I was younger because I was quite selfish, but as I got older I learned it was my job to help and support my brothers and sisters. Now they really like it when I send them nice messages and try to support their goals - like recently my brother is feeling down because he is a musician (he's quite good) but he thinks he isn't good. So I sent him a message to cheer him up randomly.

    I think when siblings are fighting we can't just try to stop it, we have to help them move forward. So if they are upset, sometimes it is better to divert them to another activity they can do alone while they calm down. Then lots later bring them back together to play together again, but only after they say sorry and admit the fight was silly - it is just a game and we're just trying to have fun.

    Also it is important to know they even though we are bigger than them, they still see us as less than adult, so we can't be too strong with our words, rather be more understanding.

    Those are my tips anyways. What do you think?

    Keep up the good work!