Tuesday, 4 December 2018


This week we are learning about BEDMAS, in this activity we had to work with a partner, I was working with Myztique. Click through my presentation to find out more.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Sprint Track

 Today we are learning about area and perimeter. Here is our working out on slide 1.

Art Rubric

For this weeks activity we had to pick an artist and how they use elements of art. Our focus is based on our Rubric for Art. Our goal is to explain the three elements we choose.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Movie Time

WALT: Use questions to help my understanding of other mathematical thinking. 

Today I have been learning about the 24 hour time and how to convert it to the am time. We had to work out three different word problems.  Hope you enjoy.

Friday, 2 November 2018


In this presentation I have read this text about artist making beautiful art on the streets.

SYNTHESIS GRAPHIC ORGANISER Name: Anna     Date: 2.11.18
What I already know about street art that it is a type of art that can bring communities together and help out with the graffiti.
Text 1
TITLE: Write4Gold

What are the key points in  this text?
  • Judges look at the preliminary sketch
  • Write4Gold is a graffiti art competition
  • Held in Germany, Europe
  • In August 2006,  the most def crew won
  • They were judge on several categories
  • Zero Tolerance against the Destruction of creativity
  • Artist don’t get invitation to show their skills

Text 2

What are the key points in  this text?
  • Making art throughout Aotearoa and around the world
  • Combine colorful depictions
  • World Graffiti Art Championships
  • Drawn to graffiti with her love of art
  • Others artist gave her the name “Diva”
  • The murals combines native birds and maori designs
  • Respecting the land people have chosen native birds
  • Charles has even had a spray paint named after him
  • They put there time, energy,spirit, soul, and body into their artworks
Video 1

What are the key points in  this text?
  • Things to share with others
  • Represents craziness and how they are feeling
  • Maori artists
  • Mayonnaise hasn’t done any artwork in Australia
  • International artist partner with young kiwis
  • Fin Dac forgets about struggles in his life when he is painting
  • Skip all the mess and find the positive parts
  • Colors merging
  • Color is better than black and grey
Video 2

What are the key points in this video?
  • Wrdsmyth, street artist leaving his mark in New Zealand Stadium, Eden Park
  • Typewriter represents his love of writing
  • Art is incredible
  • He has previously installed works in cities such as London, Paris, and Tokyo
  • He is best known for iconic of vintage typewriters combined with inspirational text
My new understanding on the topic of Street art/graffiti is art that can inspire people and street art can tell a story that has happened in there life.

Measurement: Time

WALT: Agree on a solution that each can we can explain.

For this weeks activity we have been focusing on the 24 hour time. Hope you enjoy.