Tuesday, 21 April 2015

How to post a movie onto our blog and drive

With Mr Baxendine and Mrs Jacobsen we were learning how to post a movie onto my drive on the Ipad. Then we have to go to our driveand we pressed our Ipad folder. Next we pressed the little plus on the corner. After that we clicked upload a video. Then you have to wait until it uploaded. Then we go on our chromebook and post it on our blog.

Here is a video about how to post a video onto our drive and blog. Hope you enjoy.

Strive to Succed

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Anna Holiday Highlight

Today on Monday Pt England school had assembly. When we arrived in the hall I saw Miss Garden, Miss Nua and Mr J cooking stuff. Mr Jacobsen was making marshmallow’s also Miss Nua was cooking the pancakes, but  Miss Garden was putting cream on top.

Then it was Team 1 turn. Miss George was coming to the front of the hall and she was talking about healthy lunch and healthy body. Then Miss George and team 1 teachers and also the prefects were handing out healthy food like sandwiches and carrots.

Next it was team 2, They did a play about winnie the pooh. Eeyore the donkey was Miss Berry she was pretending she was sad because she didn’t like her house. Miss Nalder was Piglet so piglet went jumping up to Eeyore and said “You should paint your house”. and then Miss Berry said “Oh that a good idea”. After that When team 2 and team 3 finished.

Next was us team 4!We were doing a game and all team 4 teachers were pretending they were superheroes. Mr Someville was in the game first he was versing Mr Baxendine but Mr Baxendine lost. Next was Miss Lavakula she lost again next  was Mrs Jacobsen her weapon was a fish and Mr Someville weapon was a sword. But Mrs Jacobsen still won YAY!! Go Mrs J.

My favourite bit was team 5 because the team 5 teachers were pretending they were soldiers. They were marching to the front of the hall and Mrs Tele’a  was asking question to all of the team 5 teachers. They all answered the questions some of it was funny.

Also we had some more food handed out I felt very happy and  I was tired too.