Monday, 20 November 2017

An Exciting Day

In this explanation writing I will be writing about athletics and how to achieve your personal best.

To achieve your personal best is to have an independent training and run for yourself not your friends. Think about yourself, think about you trying your best to win and if you don’t do one of the things then that's the achieving your personal best.

My favourite station will have to be relay. Why?? Because relay is a game where you run with a team athletes. In relay you can do all sorts of things such as running, jumping, even probably crawling but you have a coloured stick and you pass it on to your teammates all of your team will try to win. There will be other teams that you will be competing against.

My least favourite station will have to be 100 meters sprints, Why?? Because I was so scared to run and when I was running I almost fell and it slowed me down. Then I ran even faster and I came 4th. 1st person was Nyree, 2nd was Angel, Then one of my friends Kerstein who came 3rd then me. But I didn't have to race in the finals which was a bummer for me.

But all that hard work made me happy because at least I had a day with my best friends!!

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