Saturday, 7 January 2017

Summer Learning Journey - Week 2 - Day 8 - Activity 1 - My Christmas Story

Today I have to choose two option which is take a photo of what my favourite that I did the summer or write a full paragraph and I choose to write a full paragraph about Christmas Day. But instead of a paragraph it is more like a story.

On Christmas day we drove about 5 hours to my Nan's and Papa's house which is down at Tokoroa we woke up at 7:00 everyone was so tired but we had to get up and change we drive so long it felt like 2 days but I slept 6 or 7 times. 

We were finally there we found my papa and my brothers and sister went to go kiss him hello and then my Nan came out of the house and we had to kiss her so my siblings went inside the house and watched TV. Which was so great to just sit down and relax. 

When it got dark we all had to go for a shower and me and my little sister Gabriella had to go shower together which was find with me because we are sisters anyway but it did fell quite awkward because she keeps laughing to much. We washed our hair and body then we got dressed.

After that when my sibling finished there shower we gathered around the living room to get ready for dinner. We had pork and fruit salad. After watching TV my dad told us " Go to bed now" So all of the 4 girls went into a room which had 2 single beds so me and my sister Quincess shared one bed and my other 2 sister shared another bed which there names are Vika and Gabriella. 

If you are wondering what I thought you had 5 girls well I do but my older sister Melenoa she went to Tonga with my older brother, Christopher. 

We woke up the next day we had to get ready to go to go to my dads sisters house which it is down at Tauranga. We just had a little talk and then we were on our way to home while we were going home we found a beautiful waterfall it was so cool to see people walking through it. My brother keeps on saying " Mum take a photo, this is a great view" My mum didn't listen because both of my parents phone died.

That is my story if you guys are wondering why did you do Activity 2 before Activity 1 it is because on Activity 1 I have to take a picture of something and my mum never brought the thing I was supposed to take a pic of but it will be uploaded soon so just wait. Thanks for reading my post special thanks to Rachel and Mark just wanted to say thank you for commenting on all of my blog post. Thank you guys for teaching me this cool Activity to do while summer vacation.


  1. Kia ora Anna,

    What a great story! It sounds like you had an action packed Christmas day. Good luck with Activity 2!

    Make sure you enjoy summer too, are you playing outside with your sister much?

    kia kaha!


  2. Hi Mark,

    No I am not playing with my sister much because she is actually at Tonga but the ones who stay with well no because I am to busy working on Summer Learning Journey.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Thank you Mark for everything.

    From: Anna

  3. Hi Anna,

    Aw sorry, I missed that. I am sure you must get out sometimes! I know the Summer Learning Journey is exciting, but you still need exercise and a break every now and then!

    And no worries, I enjoy commenting on your blog because you always reply and are so polite!