Thursday, 26 February 2015

My best birthday ever

My best birthday when I turned 2 years old because we first we ate a pizza.

Then after I got lots of presents and my big brother opened 2 presents for me and it was a little pink bike but I have to ride on the bike when I am 4 years old and then I unwrapped another present and it was pens and a coloring book. I coloured straight lines all over the place then my sister coloured with a pink pen she coloured neatly.

Then I have to take a picture with my birthday cake but when my mum and dad lit the candles up I cried and I was sitting on my Aunt's lap and she is named after me then we ate the big square cake.
Then I had lots of balloons when my sister popped one I cried loud like a chicken then I was holding a red balloon It was so fun.

I felt happy and I enjoyed it I wish I was 2 again


Thursday, 19 February 2015

WITS writing

At Pt England we have WITS because it can make you safe. WITS can help you by not getting into a fight also it can help you from not getting in trouble and it also helps us to not get bullied. W stands for walk away and I stands for Ignore it and T stands for talk about it and S stands for Seek help.

What does W walk away mean, well I am going to explain what walk away means. Walk away means if a boy punched you in the stomach in purpose just walk away. Also it someone is swearing at you walk away and if someone bumps you, walk away.

Now it’s time for I ignore it, Ignore means If someone is like tapping you or touching you just Ignore it and If someone is saying mean words, don’t turn around and talk back to them  just ignore it.

T talk about if you are getting bullied or if they are trying to start a fight talk to your friend or a teacher and then they will get in trouble.

S seek help, If someone is being mean to your friends then seek help.

I like Using WITS at Pt England school. The WITS can help you keep you safe and Help you learn and also It can make your parents proud of us.


Thursday, 12 February 2015

Anna and Sheales What is a Marine Reserve

WALT: Discuss and justify our responses to questions and texts.

    • What is a Marine Reserve?Marine reserves are areas of sea in which all marine life
    • is protected.
  • What are the benefits of a Marine Reserve?
  • What are the negative effects of a Marine Reserve?
  • Who does a Marine Reserve effect?

Use this website page to help you or a Google search.
A Vocaroo interview recording.

Person 1: Local who owns the Camping Ground. Is not sure they want a Marine Reserve.
Person 2: Conservation person who is trying to start a Marine Reserve.

In your interview person 1 needs to ask the following questions:
  1. What is a Marine Reserve?
  2. Why should a Marine Reserve be made here?
  3. What about my campers who come here to fish?
  4. Who is going to look after the Reserve?
  5. Other questions you come up with….

Step 1 - Write your script answering these questions
Here is a template for you to edit:

“Hi my name is ? and this is ?
Today our interview is about a new Marine Reserve.
Question 1: what is a Marine Reserve
Answer A Marine Reserve are areas of the sea.
Question 2: Who is going to look after the Reserve
Answer: nobody
We hope you enjoyed this interview.
Please leave a comment or question if you have one.”

Step 2 - Record your Vocaroo
Click [Click to record]
Record your vocaroo

Step 3 - Embed it into your blog
Listen to your vocaroo to check that its perfect.
Click [Click here to save]
Click [Embed]
Copy the Embed code and paste it into your advice column blog post.

Step 4 - Paste a link of your blog post
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Thursday, 5 February 2015

My Holiday Highlight

On the holiday my whole family went to my Nana’s house because it was my grandpa’s birthday. His birthday was on Thursday My Uncles and my dad were cooking the pig on this big stick and my Aunties and my mum were baking. The kids were just playing around and it was cool and fun at the end we got fruit and we also said HAPPY BIRTHDAY to grandpa.

As my dad was driving the car my sisters and brothers were just singing Tongan songs when we got there we were screaming loud because it was my GRANDPA’S BIRTHDAY. My Uncles and my dad were cooking the pig on this big stick and my Aunties and my mum were baking. the little people were playing on my cousin's xbox 1 and my brothers xbox 360 my brother was playing call of duty.

My cousin’s and My Auntie named Melenoa she got some chinese food and also fish and chips and pizza when the pig and cake was ready we ate the pizza and chinese food also the fish chips first and when we sang happy birthday to my grandpa we ate the pig and the cake. The cake was a chocolate cake it had a lot of vanilla icing  when i had a first bite of the big it was crunchy so I only ate the pig skin.

All the big kids and little kid went outside and telling scary stories and funny stories my sister Quincess and Melenoa they were playing on the washing line and then it broke CRACK!!.