Monday, 28 November 2016

Year 6 Camp Writing

Walt: Write a detailed recount about our experience to Kawau Island

Have you ever been to camp before? On Tuesday morning we all went to the hall to get ready to go to our camp. The year sixes, teacher and some parents went to camp at Kawau Island. We went to Kawau Island because the year sixes needed space from the year fives, we went on a bus then we went on a ferry.

We were finally at Camp Bentzon, when we finished putting the bags on the deck we all met on the prickly grass outside. Everyone kept on moaning and whining about the prickly grass. We met a woman and her husband and their names are: Peter and Erin, they were welcoming us and saying we should have a great week, which I was so excited about, they also told us about the stingrays and the orcas, which freaked us out.

We had to go in our groups. The groups names were Katz, Bentzon, Mansion and Kawau, Katz represented the ferry, Bentzon represented Camp Bentzon, Mansion represented the house near Kawau Island, Kawau represented Kawau Island. My group was Bentzon and my team leaders are Samoa and David, for every group there is a group A & B and I was in Bentzon A and for Bentzon B the team leaders was Sabrina and Kyron, for every group there was a parent helper and my parent helper was Miss Adams which is Kadens mum. Also for Bentzon B the parent helper for there team was Miss Timmi which is Jade and Collin’s mum.

We went for a walk up the Killer Hiller. There was a lot of up hills which hurted my calves. I kept on whining and saying to Miss Parrant “ Miss, can we stop now? My legs hurt so bad” “ NO, we just started” replied Miss Parrant. We walked so long I had to hold on to Bryana. She was running and that’s how my legs almost worked. Then we stopped where there was a rock hill and I was a grateful and thankful for rock hill. You have to climb it and say what you are grateful for and thankful. Leatham said what he was thankful for.

The year sixes stopped at a park next to the beach and we ate our morning tea. I kept on complaining to Mr Somerville and saying “ Can we go back to the camp now?” Mr Somerville didn’t even reply to me which was so rude of him. We walked back to the camp and got our cabins ready.

I was in a cabin with four girls there names are: Kerstein, Nyree, Sheales and Paige they told me I could be on the top bunk, which I wanted to be on. The time was very fast I looked up the sky and the sun was already down.

At night we watched a movie called The Princess Bride. It was a great movie. After that it was bedtime. It was so late that my eyes started closing when Mr Somerville was talking. The girls in my cabin kept on talking and almost all the teachers came in and told us to stop talking. Then my cabin woke up very early and we started getting ready to go for our run. Then the buguel went on everyone ran outside and Mr Somerville and Mr Jacobsen was standing outside waiting for us, off we went to our run. It was a little bit short.

We came back the bugeul went on again and it was telling us to meet outside on the deck to get ready for breakfast.  Kerstein and I were in the same group so we lined up and we were the first ones to eat our breakfast. We ate cereal and hot foods and at the end we had the best hot chocolate in the world. Mr Goodwin always asked “Does anyone want seconds?.” I never go for seconds because the hot chocolate always makes my stomach full.I t is so delicious.

My favourite activity is: Sailing because we were the first ones to do sailing and my partner was with Kerstein, we decided that I will steer first and she would work on the sail. When we first went on the sail we were scared because we thought we would tip over and because the stingrays and Orcars. We hopped on and Peter pushed us when I was steering we were actually going no here. Then finally the wind came up, the wind was blowing so hard. Peter told us to go to the red roof house we always go to Mr Goodwin and back to Miss Adams then again and again, when Mr Goodwin tells us to go back to Miss Adams he always says “TILLER TO THE SAIL” which means you have to turn the tiller to the sail and then the sail will change the other way.

I loved all the activities that we did at Kawau Island. Thanks to the teachers and parents for taking your time to go to the camp with nearly all the year sixes. Mostly thank you to Peter and Erin for letting us go to the camp at Kawau Island, Thanks to everyone who supported the year sixes for the best day of my life.

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