Thursday, 3 November 2016

The Bush

WALT: Write a narrative

One beautiful sunny day there was a girl named Bryana and her 2 friends called Kerstein and Myztique. Bryana had an idea, she said to Kerstein “Let’s go to the bush, in the forest I heard there is something scary about it.” Kerstein said “ Ahh..I don’t think that's a good idea.” “Don’t be such a scarey cat”Bryana replied “Well I’m not going” replied Kerstein. “Fine I’ll go with Myztique” Bryana said angrily.“No thank you I’ll stay here with Kerstein and watch a movie with her.” “Fine I’ll go by myself” Screamed Bryana.

Bryana put her Coat on,her red boots, also she took a flashlight and she wore the darkest jeans she ever had in her closet. She walked slowly out the door then she started to run. She was finally at the bush she walked slowly she found a big bush right in front of her, the bush was moving for some reason, Bryana screamed “ AHHHH..HELP” there was no reply. She screamed louder, but no one heard her.

She ran so fast all she saw was black bushes, green bushes, Dark Blue bushes all kind of bushes. But suddenly she saw it was getting dark she reached for she flashlight, nothing was there, Bryana thought in her head “ I think I dropped it when I was running” She was trapped in the dark with weird looking bushes and scary bushes. She screamed so loud there was a loud echo. Bryana fell to the ground she was so scared and so cold her lips started to shiver.

At home Kerstein heard something “Did you hear that” “ No not a thing, the only thing a hear is the sound of Maleficent laughing” Myztique replied. “SHH, there it goes again...wait a minute where is Bryana” Kerstein asked. “Well she is at the forest looking at the bushes” Myztique replied. “OMG, let’s go we need to find Bryana” Kerstein screamed “HURRY UP MYZTIQUE” Kerstein said angrily. They both ran out the door. They were at the forest, they saw the big bush. They just ran to try to find Bryana. Then suddenly they saw Bryana on the floor she was so scared that she cried.

The bush was moving they ran out the forest but it was so dark they didn’t even know where they were going, but then Bryana tripped she looked down it was her flashlight, the wind started howling it felt like a hurricane. Bryana picked her flashlight up and turned it on the light was so bright, so the three best friends walked out of the scary bush forest. Bryana didn’t want to ever go to the forest to look at the bushes in her whole life. But then Bryana said to Myztique and Kerstein “For now on we have to go everywhere together, even if it is scary for you”

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