Thursday, 1 September 2016

Hiwi the Kiwi

WALT: Write a narrative including lessons learnt from Hiwi the Kiwi.

One day I went fishing with my Grandad, we went to go pick up Kerstein. Then we drove four hours to Waikato river. Kerstein and I were so tired, Then we were finally here.

We hopped in the boat got the bait ready it was slimy and it smelled like stinky rotten apples. We put our life jackets on but my grandad didn’t want to put a life jacket on. but he “ No I’m an adult I don't have to wear a life jacket”. But Kerstein and I said “ IF YOU SAY SO.”

I got a little sea sick but Kerstein was there to cheer me up. We all got our fishing rods, it took for ages we waited, and waited until the boat started to move around. my grandpa kept on screaming “AHHH SOMEONE GET ME A LIFE JACKET.”

I remember I saw a life jacket in the captain's room so I ran to the room and I reached for it I ran back to my Grandpa and gave it to him, he quickly buckled up but luckily the boat stopped moving.

But my Grandad learned his lesson to wear a life jacket if you go on a boat or on the water.

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