Friday, 23 September 2016

Free Writing

WALT: To write a narrative,poem,rap.

If  you had a million dollars what would you spend it on?  I would spend it on clothes for my family or shoes for them. I would also want to buy a two storey house. I would even give money to people who need money.  If I still have money left I would probably give to my friends or my family for Christmas, and if I still know people from my old school who haves teased me a lot, I would give it to them.

Also I would spend with some food and presents for friends, family and teachers.  I would also spend it on people I don’t know but they are kind to me. I would give people some money like people who saves the word. For Example: Police men, Fire fighters, Doctors, Nurses and people who work at the ambulance people.

Who would you spend your money on? Please comment to me on what you would want to spend it on. Thanks for reading my writing, hope you enjoy my other posts. I would be glad if you check Room 8 blog.

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