Friday, 19 February 2016

Te Waka O Aoraki

Walt: Retell the story again in our own words.

  1. What had Aoraki and his brothers set out to do?
             Aoraki and his brothers were going fishing.
  1. Explain why was Aoraki distracted while he was chanting his karakia?
              He got distracted because his brothers were scared.
  1. Which part of the canoe was stuck in the ocean and which part launched into space? Stern was stuck and the bow went to space.
  2. Why couldn't they return back to the sky? Because they crashed
  3. Explain why the brothers turned to stone? Because the magic had broken the karakia spell.
  4. Where are Aoraki and his brothers now? South Island.

                             Here is a paragraph about the story.

Aoraki was the son of ranginui the sky father and his mother was papatuanuku. One day Aoraki and his brothers wanted to go home but they couldn't go because they turned into stone. Aoraki and his brothers became the mountains of the Southern Alps with Aoraki ( Mount Cook) the highest peak.

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