Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Narrative Writing

Walt: narrate a story that involves a boy, camping and a family that needs food.

The Hungry Family
One morning Bob and his friends wanted to go camping at Kawau Island because it was his birthday.So mum dropped off Bob and his friends but it was a long ride it took  about 3 ½ hours. They finally made it so they put their tents up.

Once they finished Bob suggested “ Let's go and explore the woods”. They walked a long way until they saw a family who were very sad. Bob said “ Umm excuse why are you sad?” The father said “ Well my family and I forgot our food,Can you please hand me some of your food? We are starving” So then Bob ran to the camping site to see if there was some more food but…..

Bob tripped and saw the bushes moving, his heart was pounding very hard his throat was dry then he heard someone said his name “Bob”.Bob thought for one second he had goosebumps. After that Bob was too scared so he just ran.

Bob finally made it to the camping site then Bob dived into the tent, he threw everything out of the tent, Then he raced to the family they were still sitting on the floor so then, Bob and the father had a long conversation about how they had left their food at home.

So Bob felt sad and confused at the same time, Bob looked at the little kids crying because they were hungry so Bob gave some of his food and said “ But next time remember your food”
The Family were so thankful, Bob and his friends walked back to their camping site and the family lived happily ever after.  

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