Thursday, 18 June 2015

My Paragraph writing- Man in space.

A spaceman bravely walk out into the icy milkyway. The Russian’s spaceman’s mission is to find a weapons so he could fight the aliens. So the Russian spaceman went to India and it wasn't there and then he visited China his last place was Russia he searched and searched and finally he saw some yellow stuff in a cardboard box.

He was scared he grabbed a stick and he went closer and it was a shot gun and bullets so he went to outer space again and there were lots of aliens then she shot all of them. But then he went to Auckland and he walked to his boss and the Russian man said “ I did it boss”. The boss said “ Did what” Then the Russian man said “ I killed all of the Aliens”

The Boss was so happy and he gave him a badge. The badge was a picture of a alien dead. So the people on Auckland was safe so they all cheered and the people that worked at his work  said “WELL DONE”. Then the Russian man said “ Thank you” THE END- Anna

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