Thursday, 25 June 2015

Anna Game Animation

Malo lei lei  my name is Anna and this my animation about my game I invented. My game is called Gingerbread man killer. Team, are you getting bored on rainy day lunch times? If you are then make your own game. We are doing this for rainy day lunch times. My character is a girl and it is a ghost and her name is Emily

My ghost has a weapon the weapon is a gun. Her Enemies is a angry snowman and the annoying ginger bread man. In my 2nd level I tried to defeat the snowman but he killed me.  But luckily I killed the annoying ginger bread man.
You have to get past the woods and iceland and also you have to get past candy land. But watch out the gingerbread man might catch you. Also if you get past the gingerbread man then you win.  I think everybody would like my game animation because I beaten the annoying gingerbread man.

Thanks for watching and  hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment on my blog.

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