Thursday, 19 February 2015

WITS writing

At Pt England we have WITS because it can make you safe. WITS can help you by not getting into a fight also it can help you from not getting in trouble and it also helps us to not get bullied. W stands for walk away and I stands for Ignore it and T stands for talk about it and S stands for Seek help.

What does W walk away mean, well I am going to explain what walk away means. Walk away means if a boy punched you in the stomach in purpose just walk away. Also it someone is swearing at you walk away and if someone bumps you, walk away.

Now it’s time for I ignore it, Ignore means If someone is like tapping you or touching you just Ignore it and If someone is saying mean words, don’t turn around and talk back to them  just ignore it.

T talk about if you are getting bullied or if they are trying to start a fight talk to your friend or a teacher and then they will get in trouble.

S seek help, If someone is being mean to your friends then seek help.

I like Using WITS at Pt England school. The WITS can help you keep you safe and Help you learn and also It can make your parents proud of us.


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