Thursday, 12 February 2015

Anna and Sheales What is a Marine Reserve

WALT: Discuss and justify our responses to questions and texts.

    • What is a Marine Reserve?Marine reserves are areas of sea in which all marine life
    • is protected.
  • What are the benefits of a Marine Reserve?
  • What are the negative effects of a Marine Reserve?
  • Who does a Marine Reserve effect?

Use this website page to help you or a Google search.
A Vocaroo interview recording.

Person 1: Local who owns the Camping Ground. Is not sure they want a Marine Reserve.
Person 2: Conservation person who is trying to start a Marine Reserve.

In your interview person 1 needs to ask the following questions:
  1. What is a Marine Reserve?
  2. Why should a Marine Reserve be made here?
  3. What about my campers who come here to fish?
  4. Who is going to look after the Reserve?
  5. Other questions you come up with….

Step 1 - Write your script answering these questions
Here is a template for you to edit:

“Hi my name is ? and this is ?
Today our interview is about a new Marine Reserve.
Question 1: what is a Marine Reserve
Answer A Marine Reserve are areas of the sea.
Question 2: Who is going to look after the Reserve
Answer: nobody
We hope you enjoyed this interview.
Please leave a comment or question if you have one.”

Step 2 - Record your Vocaroo
Click [Click to record]
Record your vocaroo

Step 3 - Embed it into your blog
Listen to your vocaroo to check that its perfect.
Click [Click here to save]
Click [Embed]
Copy the Embed code and paste it into your advice column blog post.

Step 4 - Paste a link of your blog post
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