Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Tally Marks Of Phone Calls


Click on the Movenote button to watch my movie about how many Tally Marks of phone Calls


  1. Hey Anna,

    WOW, when I think about all the skills you had to bring together to put this up here for the world to see I never cease to be amazed. You created an image in ABC YA, downloaded it then uploaded that into Movenote, used your statistics knowledge to speak about the tally's you marked up, then you created a screenshot and a blog post using that as a link to your Movenote presentation. What a ride :D. something to keep in mind would be to try to keep the camera as still as possible so it doesn't feel like an earthquake on the viewer side :p

    I am so excited to see what comes from you guys in the future :)

    Keep creating, Mr. Hutchings.