Thursday, 8 May 2014

My Holiday Recount

My Holiday
WALT: write a recount about my school holiday  using effective paragraphs.
Topic: School Holidays.
Audience: PES, whanau, worldwide blog audience.
Purpose: To tell people about your holiday experiences.
Text type: Recount
Key Vocabulary and Sentence Beginnings:
delightful, joyful, overwhelmed, over the moon, fantastic, superb, ecstatic, dismal, dreary…

ANZAC, ceremony, WW1, Gallipoli, war, fight, serve, wreath, “Lest we forget”, “We will remember them”...

Easter, eggs, chocolate, family, church, Jesus, died, cross, resurrected, faith...

Have you ever been to...
Wow! What an exciting …
Guess what? …
During the school holidays …
Last week...
Helpful Links: ANZAC Day, BTN Clip
P1: Introduction: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

P2: What happened?

P3: What happened next?

P3: Conclusion: What happened in the end?
How did you feel about the experience? What did you enjoy the most? What do you hope for next time?
Edit your writing:
Once you have finished make sure you have checked your work for spelling, capital letters, full stops and other punctuation. Does your writing say what you want it to say? Is it good enough to put on your blog?
Blog it!
Post your writing on your blog (only copy the part you have written yourself).
Share it!
Click on the little blue share button and share it with your teacher so she can mark it.
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Start writing here:

On  Monday I went to church for drama practice it was fun because our supper was pizza and one fizzy drink . The first drama group was my brother and sister Quincess and Hala some people was laughing at him because he was the king and my little sister Quincess people was staring at her because  she was facing the back of  Christina and she was folding her hands. Then the next group was Melenoa’s group she was on the stage just sitting down and pretending holding a bible or a book .Then it was my group we have to pretend we are singing a church song .

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