Friday, 2 November 2018


In this presentation I have read this text about artist making beautiful art on the streets.

SYNTHESIS GRAPHIC ORGANISER Name: Anna     Date: 2.11.18
What I already know about street art that it is a type of art that can bring communities together and help out with the graffiti.
Text 1
TITLE: Write4Gold

What are the key points in  this text?
  • Judges look at the preliminary sketch
  • Write4Gold is a graffiti art competition
  • Held in Germany, Europe
  • In August 2006,  the most def crew won
  • They were judge on several categories
  • Zero Tolerance against the Destruction of creativity
  • Artist don’t get invitation to show their skills

Text 2

What are the key points in  this text?
  • Making art throughout Aotearoa and around the world
  • Combine colorful depictions
  • World Graffiti Art Championships
  • Drawn to graffiti with her love of art
  • Others artist gave her the name “Diva”
  • The murals combines native birds and maori designs
  • Respecting the land people have chosen native birds
  • Charles has even had a spray paint named after him
  • They put there time, energy,spirit, soul, and body into their artworks
Video 1

What are the key points in  this text?
  • Things to share with others
  • Represents craziness and how they are feeling
  • Maori artists
  • Mayonnaise hasn’t done any artwork in Australia
  • International artist partner with young kiwis
  • Fin Dac forgets about struggles in his life when he is painting
  • Skip all the mess and find the positive parts
  • Colors merging
  • Color is better than black and grey
Video 2

What are the key points in this video?
  • Wrdsmyth, street artist leaving his mark in New Zealand Stadium, Eden Park
  • Typewriter represents his love of writing
  • Art is incredible
  • He has previously installed works in cities such as London, Paris, and Tokyo
  • He is best known for iconic of vintage typewriters combined with inspirational text
My new understanding on the topic of Street art/graffiti is art that can inspire people and street art can tell a story that has happened in there life.

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