Friday, 4 May 2018

Our First Swimming Lesson


Today I learnt how to swim if I didn't have a swimming lesson today then one day I would be stuck in a situation in the middle of the sea and I would probably drown. Today at the swimming lesson we had to learn how to do a perfect backstroke and at the end we swam to end of the pool which free styling. When I went swimming I got so tired fast because I haven't swam in a long time. Our instructors name was Monique she was very kind to us. 
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  1. Malo e lelei Anna! I wonder if you have a swimming goal for this term!

  2. HI Anna, I think that's a great reason to learn how to swim. What group are you in for swimming. We also have swimming lessons too. Our school travel by bus to the pools and back to school.

    Here's a link to our blogs here: