Friday, 14 October 2016

Holiday Highlight

WALT: Explain what you did in the holidays.

Have you ever played for a club? I played for the Niue team in netball. In the holidays I went to the netball courts, with my 2 sisters and my parents. My mum and my sisters walked in the courts and saw every country in there lines and singing the national anthem. All the lines were so long. I played for the under 11 girls team.

My manager told all of my team to walk to court 21. We played our first game against Tonga, all the girls asked who was captain and my coach picked me. We played and played until we LOST!! But is was a hard game but at least we tried ad had fun. Our next game was on court 19 and we were playing against Cooks-land. It was a close game because we just lost by one point. But we just found out that we had our last game in Court 20, we were playing against Samoa. But it was cool we both won, because it was a draw.

When we finished playing our netball game, my coach gave us some lollies to eat which was delicious. But at the end we took some photo’s and it was so sad because we only see each other at in only one more week, for prize giving. But after that we watched my sister’s team play against Tonga but they won also they came 2nd in the pacific challenge.

I was so tired and I just wanted to go sleep when we go back to home. I wish we do it again next year. But I love playing netball.

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  1. Cool Anna. Thank you for sharing this. My niece went to this as well and she played for Niue but maybe a great older. Keep working hard with your netball.