Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Rio Olympics

Did you know that Gymnastics is a sport at the Olympics? Gymnastic is an Olympic sport that you could  do lots of events like: beam, bars, vault and floor routines. In Gymnastics there is only two categories  called rhythmic and artistic.

For 32 years only men were allowed to compete but in 1896 women were allowed to compete. I am going to tell about a 19 year old girl named Simone Biles, she was born in March 14 1997.

To play Gymnastic you will have to impress the judges and do lot of moves. Female and Males can take part in Gymnastics. Did you know Simone Biles was adopted? Simone was adopted by her biological grandparents.

Simone Biles, her one big dream was to become a professional gymnast. She practices everyday. In 2012 she wasn’t allowed to compete because she was too young. Simone Biles made up a move that no gymnast can do, she jumps and she does a double twist and on her last turn she does a half turn and lands forward. Her special move is called a double layout half out.

Simone Biles has five  medals in the Olympics she has four  gold medals and one bronze medal, she came third on women's beam because this other women beat Simone Biles. Two gymnast ladies beat Simone, there names are Sanne Wevers came 1st and Laurie Hernandez.

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