Friday, 6 May 2016

Holiday Highlight

Holidays has begun! On the first day of my holiday I went to the Blues game with the rippa rugby team. It was so fun because my two best friends were there with me, with Kerstein and Myztique.

We all had to meet at school, Miss Va’afusuaga came and told us which car we were going to go in. I went with Taiana in her car. Sheales, Naomi, Aneelis and I went into the car and we followed Miss Va’afusuaga to Eden Park. We all got our tickets and we went in.

When we went in we all had the Blues flag. After that we got our faces painted. We went in  and found our chairs. After a few minutes the game started, everyone was cheering for the teams they liked. Myztique, Samoa, Kerstein and I were munching on chips, it was so delicious.

We all ate junk food. Some of us were on the big T.V like Sheales and I and my other friends. The game was almost going to finish. When the game finished. We all went back home. That was a great night.

My favourite thing I did, during the holidays was that I had fun with my friends during the Blues game.

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