Friday, 4 March 2016

Narrative writing

Dragon, Green, Blue, Draw,
WALT: Edit a paragraph and insert punctuation marks in the right places

Once upon a time there was a dragon named Zack he was playing in the forest with his brother, When another dragon came along “what are you to doing?” he asked “we’re playing knights” they replied “do you want to play too?"

“Yes I would love to play” “what are you playing?” He added. “ We are playing tag”. “ Well my name is Bob what’s yours?” “ My name is Zack and this is my brother Max” He replied.

The three dragons played tag, After that
t something horrible happened Bob "tripped” OOWWW” Bob screamed “ W-What happened?” Asked Zack and Max” You tripped me” said Bob” NO” replied Max and Zack”. “ Stop lying” said Bob. Max and Zack flew away and then Bob started to follow “ Go away” said Max “ It is payback” So they started to scream at each other.

After that Zack and Max’s Mum came and said “ Max, Zack Dinner Time.” Coming” said Zack and Max. So Max and Zack flew to their house and said “ Bye Bob” Bob was so angry he wanted to punch Max and Zack. They both flew away and Bob never bothered Zack and Max again.

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