Thursday, 20 August 2015

Trade Fair Recount

On Friday August the 14th 2015. Team 4 had a trade fair. If you don’t know what a trade fair is well then keep on reading my story.  So a trade fair is that you can buy stuff we 20 pieces, 50 pieces, 1PT and 2PT. Also we have to pick out business groups the groups are Kitchen, Toys, Instrument, Custom Stationery, Homeware, Jewels and
Accessories. The  group I choose is the .. KITCHEN GROUP.

How did I get into the kitchen group? I got in the kitchen group by going to our class blog and  scroll all the way down the there will be a link then you click the link then it will tell you what is your first name and your last name and then you can pick your groups.What do you do in the kitchen group? First you have to brainstorm what we are going to bake and we also have to know how to bake it and you need to know what is the ingredient.

Now lets talk about the money so as you can see  the PT’s means dollars$ and pieces mean cents¢. Also Team 4 has there own bank acouunt. The bank teller is a person, For Example: If I had 4 PT and the bank teller was Samoa I would say to her “ Hi, Samoa I would like to bank 4 PT then she would go to the bank and put the money into the bank then after that she would give the money to any teacher.

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