Thursday, 23 July 2015

Holiday Highlight Term 3

Guess what? Last week on Friday at 4:00 I went to Miss Muliaumasealii house with my 2 selfish sisters. We had to go to her house so we can watch movies. My holidays were the best holidays ever!. I was wearing a green t-shirt because it was the best t-shirt because it had my name on it.

When we got to her house my sister felt very joyful you could tell because she was jumping up and down.  We went inside and Miss Muliaumasealii hugged each of us. Then I saw Ata then someone was at the door and it was Sheales and her big sister Juliet. Paige, Yanquasia, Marilyn and Glennes were setting up the inflatable matress. After that we watched A cinderella story we watched and watched.

Miss Muliaumasealii came inside the living room and we all went to get our food all of them were greedy  then the movie finished then we watched the next movie it was called a 2nd chance it was all about gymnastic. There were a girl and her 2 friends and their name were Maddie, Oliva and Makenzie they went to a tournament. In the tournament they did the bars, floor, vault and the beam. We only watched half of it because it was 8:00pm.

Miss Muliaumasealii dropped me and my 2 sisters home. We knocked on the door. Then my big brother opened  the door and my tiny brother came running up to me and hugged me. I went inside the living room and I turned on the TV it was the voice it was very cool. Then I went to sleep at 11:00pm.

The End- By Anna.

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