Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Maritime Museum

On Wednesday the 18th of March 2015 the extension and some extra people went to Auckland Maritime Museum. We have to meet in the hall then Miss Tito called our names to get into a line I was in Miss Tito's group. then we went on the bus I was so excited!!

Finally we were at the Museum first we meet this man at the front of the Museum and his name was Frazer and then we met this woman her name was Miki, Miki said that she was so happy that we were at the museum when we went inside there was a shop there with lollies and M&M. After that Miss Tito's group went to the Star Compass which was very very cool this man taught us lots of compass like the metal compass.

Then we went to draw our own peace flags I think we only had 20 minutes to draw it I really liked my one. We have to share with another school because we came late to the museum then we only had 5 more minutes left finally I was finish.

Then we went on the boat it was so scary I thought I am going to fall because there was a bridge and it was moving I just wanted to scream then we have to climb up the stairs hold on to this mans hand then we were all in the boat we have to go into groups then me and Kerstein was holding the steering wheel it was so heavy.

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