Thursday, 3 November 2016


WALT: Narrate a story about a person who is lost in the forest while camping.

One day there was a girl named Bryana, she went to the year six camp with her class at Kawau Island. She was in the bus with her two friends named: Kerstein and Myztique.

They were lots of activities at their camp, It was night time Bryana went to sleep. She was feeling happy the whole day she couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

The next day she woke up she felt scared because there was no one at the camp she ran outside no one even her friends were not there, she felt like she was going to be like killed or she might get kidnapped. But she was walking around the forest she said in her mind “I’m lost.”

She walked around with a sore stomach she looked every where all she found was a lake and a broken tent, then there was a light bulb in here head “TING” she remembered that she watched a movie about surviving in the forest but suddenly she heard something…

“Bryana where are you” called a familiar voice she ran and said “How is calling my name” She ran every she heard another familiar voice “ Bryana it’s me Kerstein and Myztique.” Bryana screamed “ WHERE ARE YOU.”

She ran then she saw two girls standing next to a tree they were smiling Kerstein and Myztique ran to Bryana they hugged Bryana so tight and Kerstein said “ Where did you go” They missed each so bad so they just walked together all the way to the bus.

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