Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Alphabet Key

WALT: Think about inferences made within the text.

I learnt about things that start with the letters of the alphabet's. Also the things that you can recycle. For Example: For the letter A the thing you can recycle is an Apple Core. Everyone should try to recycle something instead of wasting it.

Alphabet Key

Make a copy and save it to your drive.  Use the letters from the alphabet and make a list uses for recycled paper.

Apple Core
Banana Peel
Crakers Packages
Dog Food Cans
Egg Cartons
Fruit Burst Wrappers
Grape Sticks
Honey Jars
Ice- Blocks Sticks
Kumera Skins
Lollie pop sticks
Milk Cartons
Noodle Wrappers
Orange Peels
Pear Skins
Quandong skins
Rice Packets
Umbrella Fruit Skins
V Cans
Weet Bix Boxes
Yogurt Cartons
Zucchini Skins

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