Tuesday, 27 October 2015

My Logo ( Extension Task)

If you want to change your school logo here is an idea for you if you want to change it. I drew it myself on hyper studio. Hope you enjoyed it, please leave a comment on my blog.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Short Crocodile Story

`1. On a cloudy windy day the man thought that he should go swimming he was calm at first but well he was fishing he thought he would catch a very big fish but out came a alligator out of nowhere and the alligator was acting dangerous and tried to attack the man, the man felt scared but also suprised. THE END

Smart Emails

Room 9 reading group was learning how to email a Trademe person also Mr Baxendine won a battleship card game. Hope you enjoy my presentation.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Ants and Grasshopper- The sequel

Bull Chase story

One stormy day a man wanted to go for a swim but then he heard a noise he looked back and it was a gigantic bull he leaped into the water and the man tried to run but the bull was attacking him. THE END

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Cross Country Writing and Rubric

Does your school run for Cross Country?
Well Pt England School did and I will tell you all about. We ran very far I was so tired and I had a stich it was very very far. Then finally I saw Mr Someville then I finally made it to the finish line.

On Monday 7th of September 2015 at Pt England School 1 O’clock Pt England School Gathered around the court we sat down because so Mr Burt and Mrs Va’afusuaga could tell us where we were going to run and they also told us about what happens if you come 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  

First were the year 1 boys they got into their positions then I few seconds later Mr Burt said “ READY, SET, GO!!!” Also he hit the clamps and they all ran the year 1 boys ran as fast as they can they ran very very fast there legs were very fast some year 1 boys were walking and some were jogging and also some were sprinting very fast.

Then finally it was us when I stood up it was so could then I saw my sister and her friends they were cheering for me also my sister and her friends try to the wave but it was an EPIC FAIL!!! Then Mr Burt said “ READY. SET, GO!!! when I heard the clamps It gave me a fright but I ran fast but then I fell down on the mud it was very disgusting and squishy but I still ran very fast I went past lots of teachers then I saw Mauta Willis and he said “ RUN!!!” So I ran then I came 11th.


Monday, 24 August 2015

Tables Master

In Mr Baxendine maths class we are playing a app called Tables Master. If you want to play tables master here is a link for it Click on this

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Radio Interveiw

Click on the play button to listen to my recording Hope you enjoy.

Trade Fair Recount

On Friday August the 14th 2015. Team 4 had a trade fair. If you don’t know what a trade fair is well then keep on reading my story.  So a trade fair is that you can buy stuff we 20 pieces, 50 pieces, 1PT and 2PT. Also we have to pick out business groups the groups are Kitchen, Toys, Instrument, Custom Stationery, Homeware, Jewels and
Accessories. The  group I choose is the .. KITCHEN GROUP.

How did I get into the kitchen group? I got in the kitchen group by going to our class blog and  scroll all the way down the there will be a link then you click the link then it will tell you what is your first name and your last name and then you can pick your groups.What do you do in the kitchen group? First you have to brainstorm what we are going to bake and we also have to know how to bake it and you need to know what is the ingredient.

Now lets talk about the money so as you can see  the PT’s means dollars$ and pieces mean cents¢. Also Team 4 has there own bank acouunt. The bank teller is a person, For Example: If I had 4 PT and the bank teller was Samoa I would say to her “ Hi, Samoa I would like to bank 4 PT then she would go to the bank and put the money into the bank then after that she would give the money to any teacher.

What is bio security ?

Monday, 17 August 2015

Tables Master

Mr Baxendine's Maths group is doing time tables we go onto this website and it is called Tables Master it is very fun. It is all about time tables. You should try it here is a link for tables master 

Going back in time

We have been learning about rabbits, birds and stoats Hope you enjoy our Google slide please leave a comment on my blog

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Falling planes!

Warning! People watch out Planes are falling. My Friends and I were walking down a desert it was burning my arms.

One Evening I heard a sound but I didn't know what it was so I turned back and it was a massive white plane, it was coming directly my way. I told my friends but
they didn't trust me because I tell lies to them.

Then Samoa heard a sound she came closer to me and said “I heard something” Then I said “ Look back” Then Samoa SCREAMED very loudly. Then Stacey said “ Why you screaming Samoa”. Samoa shouted wildly to Paige, Sheales and Stacey.

Run, Run!! There’s a plane at the back of us. They only listened to Samoa  because she is popular. All of us ran for our lives but then  luckily we ran to the side of the desert. After that all of us were huffing and puffing we were so scared we were shaking then the plane hit a big rock and it was in fire.
The End - By Anna V

Thursday, 30 July 2015

My Biodiversity movie

Hi, This is my biodiversity movie, Biodiversity means the variety of animals and plants and it short for biological diversity, Hope you enjoyed my movie and please leave a comment on my blog.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Holiday Highlight Term 3

Guess what? Last week on Friday at 4:00 I went to Miss Muliaumasealii house with my 2 selfish sisters. We had to go to her house so we can watch movies. My holidays were the best holidays ever!. I was wearing a green t-shirt because it was the best t-shirt because it had my name on it.

When we got to her house my sister felt very joyful you could tell because she was jumping up and down.  We went inside and Miss Muliaumasealii hugged each of us. Then I saw Ata then someone was at the door and it was Sheales and her big sister Juliet. Paige, Yanquasia, Marilyn and Glennes were setting up the inflatable matress. After that we watched A cinderella story we watched and watched.

Miss Muliaumasealii came inside the living room and we all went to get our food all of them were greedy  then the movie finished then we watched the next movie it was called a 2nd chance it was all about gymnastic. There were a girl and her 2 friends and their name were Maddie, Oliva and Makenzie they went to a tournament. In the tournament they did the bars, floor, vault and the beam. We only watched half of it because it was 8:00pm.

Miss Muliaumasealii dropped me and my 2 sisters home. We knocked on the door. Then my big brother opened  the door and my tiny brother came running up to me and hugged me. I went inside the living room and I turned on the TV it was the voice it was very cool. Then I went to sleep at 11:00pm.

The End- By Anna.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Holiday word cloud

I watched lots of movies on the TV I ate some food it was delicious I went to my cousins because my cousin and this boy went to a ball and dance all night we also  went shopping and going to my brothers rugby game. 

Friday, 26 June 2015

About Alexander Graham Bell

Hi my name is Anna and this is what I wrote about Alexander Graham Bell. As you can he was born on March 3rd 1847 and Died on August 2nd 1922. He made the first telephone which is very cool. Please look at my presentation. If you like it please leave a comment on my blog. Thanks for looking on my blog hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

My Creative Story Starters

Title: A magical wand.
Write a once upon a time story who met a man and she owned a magical wand.

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess and a magical wand. All she cares about is her magical wand. One day her father the king told his daughter you have to get rid of your magical wand and get married. She said “yes” But she didn't get rid of her magical wand. During that night it was stormy and a rainy night but after 3 minutes there was a knock on the door knock, knock. The beautiful princess opened the door it was a man with his horse cold and wet. The man said “ Can I please come in” The princess “yes here have a towel and a carrot for your horse” her said “ Thanks”. So they had a cup of tea and talked and talked. The princess went to sleep and the man heard a strange thing he searched and searched then suddenly he saw a shiny thing in the princess pocket so he went closer and closer and then she woke up. Then the man just left. THE END- By Anna  

Here is a link to Story Starters Click here

Anna Game Animation

Malo lei lei  my name is Anna and this my animation about my game I invented. My game is called Gingerbread man killer. Team, are you getting bored on rainy day lunch times? If you are then make your own game. We are doing this for rainy day lunch times. My character is a girl and it is a ghost and her name is Emily

My ghost has a weapon the weapon is a gun. Her Enemies is a angry snowman and the annoying ginger bread man. In my 2nd level I tried to defeat the snowman but he killed me.  But luckily I killed the annoying ginger bread man.
You have to get past the woods and iceland and also you have to get past candy land. But watch out the gingerbread man might catch you. Also if you get past the gingerbread man then you win.  I think everybody would like my game animation because I beaten the annoying gingerbread man.

Thanks for watching and  hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment on my blog.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

My Story Review

Story Review

WALT: summarise and analyse the main ideas of a text.  

Answer all these questions

Title:  Ancient  but earthquake-proof

Author: By Lynne Beaven

Book Setting: (What is the place the story is written about? What do you know about this place?).
  • Greece
  • Athens is the capital of Greece
  • In 2013 there were 11.03 million people in Greece

Summary of the story: (What is the story about? What does the story teach you? ).
  • Page: 1 We are going to learn about the builder that lived 2,500 years ago.
  • Page: 2 Greece is suffering through major earthquakes
  • Page: 3 There are a lot of Ancient (Old) Buildings.
  • Page 4. Parthenon is kind of like the spine in your back
  • Earthquakes can be really dangerous and that some can’t really be that harmful

Facts: (Write something that you found interesting)

Interesting: That the Parthenon is like your your spine on your back

Vocabulary (Choose 2 words you didn't know, Google them and write what they mean).
  1. Vertebrae
  2. Parthenon

Connections (Choose 2 things that you have learned from the story)2. That Pantheon is like the spine in your back
  1.   You’ll be quite safe under towering marble columns

My Paragraph writing- Man in space.

A spaceman bravely walk out into the icy milkyway. The Russian’s spaceman’s mission is to find a weapons so he could fight the aliens. So the Russian spaceman went to India and it wasn't there and then he visited China his last place was Russia he searched and searched and finally he saw some yellow stuff in a cardboard box.

He was scared he grabbed a stick and he went closer and it was a shot gun and bullets so he went to outer space again and there were lots of aliens then she shot all of them. But then he went to Auckland and he walked to his boss and the Russian man said “ I did it boss”. The boss said “ Did what” Then the Russian man said “ I killed all of the Aliens”

The Boss was so happy and he gave him a badge. The badge was a picture of a alien dead. So the people on Auckland was safe so they all cheered and the people that worked at his work  said “WELL DONE”. Then the Russian man said “ Thank you” THE END- Anna

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Creative Sentences

In Pt England school there is a pretty teacher,  her name is Mrs Jacobsen she teaches room 10 & 9.

Mr Barks is a friendly teacher, he teaches a class called Maker Space, it is very fun.

At Pt England school there is a teacher with the curliest hair, her name is Miss Garden she is also serious with writing.

We have been learning how to write creative sentences.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Tables Master

In Mr Baxendine maths group we do this time table thing it is called Tables Master. My fastest question and answer is 11 x 6 = 66 and my slowest question and answer is 3 x 6 = 18 Please leave a comment on my blog.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Tables Master

In Maths we have bean learning the 6, 7 & 8 time tables.
Here is my tables master score for today. 

Monday, 18 May 2015

Skateboard Design

Nepal Earthquake

Crash!! In Nepal.

Guess what happened in Nepal? People in Nepal had a gigantic earthquake, The earthquake was on the 25th April and the time was  11:59 and it was near the city called Kathmandu. Earthquake usually caused when the rocks underground suddenly breaks along a fault.

In the earthquake, more than 8,000  people were dead and more than 6,000 people were injured. People were dead because houses were falling on babies and kids and also adults.

Once there was baby in a house and the mum was gone the house fell on the baby after 22 hours they found her under rocks her was dusty  but luckily she was alive.

Mothers Days

It’s Mother’s Day today so let me tell you about my mum...

My mum is  cool
Her job is to look after me
She likes to have fun
Her favourite food is maori food
Her favourite colour is blue
Her favourite thing  her kids
If my mum had time, she would hug me and kiss me
She always says i love you
My mum and I like to cook
She is really good at loving me
The best thing about my mum is she is  pretty
My mum is special to me because she love me

My Mum is  pretty as a flower.

She is as sweet as lolly

She is as smart as a cat

She is as precious as a baby

I love my mum because she love me

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Maritime Museum

On Wednesday the 18th of March 2015 the extension and some extra people went to Auckland Maritime Museum. We have to meet in the hall then Miss Tito called our names to get into a line I was in Miss Tito's group. then we went on the bus I was so excited!!

Finally we were at the Museum first we meet this man at the front of the Museum and his name was Frazer and then we met this woman her name was Miki, Miki said that she was so happy that we were at the museum when we went inside there was a shop there with lollies and M&M. After that Miss Tito's group went to the Star Compass which was very very cool this man taught us lots of compass like the metal compass.

Then we went to draw our own peace flags I think we only had 20 minutes to draw it I really liked my one. We have to share with another school because we came late to the museum then we only had 5 more minutes left finally I was finish.

Then we went on the boat it was so scary I thought I am going to fall because there was a bridge and it was moving I just wanted to scream then we have to climb up the stairs hold on to this mans hand then we were all in the boat we have to go into groups then me and Kerstein was holding the steering wheel it was so heavy.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Game Review

Game Review by the famous Anna

Name of Game:Run 2

How do you score/ win: You have to jump up on the blocks and jump on the sides of the blocks and then you go to a different level and it gets harder.

Difficulty: 7/10

Fun: 9/10

Description: The game is called run 2 the game is in space it is very fun also you can fall out of the holes and the levels get harder and harder.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

3 P's Movie Extension

Extension Atarita, Nyree and Anna from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

This is our 3 p's movie. The 3 p's stand for Partnership, Protection and Paticipation. In Extension we have to get into groups of 3 the people that is in this movie is Atarieta, Nyree and Anna. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

How to post a movie onto our blog and drive

With Mr Baxendine and Mrs Jacobsen we were learning how to post a movie onto my drive on the Ipad. Then we have to go to our driveand we pressed our Ipad folder. Next we pressed the little plus on the corner. After that we clicked upload a video. Then you have to wait until it uploaded. Then we go on our chromebook and post it on our blog.

Here is a video about how to post a video onto our drive and blog. Hope you enjoy.

Strive to Succed

Click on that blue little link. To see my writing

Anna Holiday Highlight

Today on Monday Pt England school had assembly. When we arrived in the hall I saw Miss Garden, Miss Nua and Mr J cooking stuff. Mr Jacobsen was making marshmallow’s also Miss Nua was cooking the pancakes, but  Miss Garden was putting cream on top.

Then it was Team 1 turn. Miss George was coming to the front of the hall and she was talking about healthy lunch and healthy body. Then Miss George and team 1 teachers and also the prefects were handing out healthy food like sandwiches and carrots.

Next it was team 2, They did a play about winnie the pooh. Eeyore the donkey was Miss Berry she was pretending she was sad because she didn’t like her house. Miss Nalder was Piglet so piglet went jumping up to Eeyore and said “You should paint your house”. and then Miss Berry said “Oh that a good idea”. After that When team 2 and team 3 finished.

Next was us team 4!We were doing a game and all team 4 teachers were pretending they were superheroes. Mr Someville was in the game first he was versing Mr Baxendine but Mr Baxendine lost. Next was Miss Lavakula she lost again next  was Mrs Jacobsen her weapon was a fish and Mr Someville weapon was a sword. But Mrs Jacobsen still won YAY!! Go Mrs J.

My favourite bit was team 5 because the team 5 teachers were pretending they were soldiers. They were marching to the front of the hall and Mrs Tele’a  was asking question to all of the team 5 teachers. They all answered the questions some of it was funny.

Also we had some more food handed out I felt very happy and  I was tired too.


Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Anna Omaru Creek Animations

We are learning about Omaru Creek because so the creek doesn't get polluted and ugly. Our Creek is ugly because there are lots of rubbish and bottles and stuff.The creek is polluted that the water can not move and the fishes can not see. Here is a person walking past the disgusting creek.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Year 5 & 6 Camp

On Wednesday the year 5 & 6 went to camp but I didn’t go. Some year 5 & 6 didn’t go too and the year 4’s didn’t go too. The people that didn’t go were just sitting outside and waiting for our teacher then we just saw Miss M coming this way and she was our teacher.

First we have to draw our book cover on hyperstudio my book was dork diaries pop star it was so hard to draw. We only had 40 minutes to draw our books but some people were just reading Avengers with Miss M. Then we have to eat our morning tea, Then we have to go out and play outside.

When we came back inside the classroom. We went on  maths whizz and Xtramath but the girls were on the mat and counting in Maori then we have to swap over with the boys and the girls. The girls went on maths whizz and Xtramath. Then we were deciding what we were going to do next. The after lunch we went outside.

It was fun and boring because I just liked drawing our book cover on hyperstudio and the boring bit was that I didn’t like doing Xtramath it was so boring when I went on Xtramath.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

My best birthday ever

My best birthday when I turned 2 years old because we first we ate a pizza.

Then after I got lots of presents and my big brother opened 2 presents for me and it was a little pink bike but I have to ride on the bike when I am 4 years old and then I unwrapped another present and it was pens and a coloring book. I coloured straight lines all over the place then my sister coloured with a pink pen she coloured neatly.

Then I have to take a picture with my birthday cake but when my mum and dad lit the candles up I cried and I was sitting on my Aunt's lap and she is named after me then we ate the big square cake.
Then I had lots of balloons when my sister popped one I cried loud like a chicken then I was holding a red balloon It was so fun.

I felt happy and I enjoyed it I wish I was 2 again


Thursday, 19 February 2015

WITS writing

At Pt England we have WITS because it can make you safe. WITS can help you by not getting into a fight also it can help you from not getting in trouble and it also helps us to not get bullied. W stands for walk away and I stands for Ignore it and T stands for talk about it and S stands for Seek help.

What does W walk away mean, well I am going to explain what walk away means. Walk away means if a boy punched you in the stomach in purpose just walk away. Also it someone is swearing at you walk away and if someone bumps you, walk away.

Now it’s time for I ignore it, Ignore means If someone is like tapping you or touching you just Ignore it and If someone is saying mean words, don’t turn around and talk back to them  just ignore it.

T talk about if you are getting bullied or if they are trying to start a fight talk to your friend or a teacher and then they will get in trouble.

S seek help, If someone is being mean to your friends then seek help.

I like Using WITS at Pt England school. The WITS can help you keep you safe and Help you learn and also It can make your parents proud of us.


Thursday, 12 February 2015

Anna and Sheales What is a Marine Reserve

WALT: Discuss and justify our responses to questions and texts.

    • What is a Marine Reserve?Marine reserves are areas of sea in which all marine life
    • is protected.
  • What are the benefits of a Marine Reserve?
  • What are the negative effects of a Marine Reserve?
  • Who does a Marine Reserve effect?

Use this website page to help you or a Google search.
A Vocaroo interview recording.

Person 1: Local who owns the Camping Ground. Is not sure they want a Marine Reserve.
Person 2: Conservation person who is trying to start a Marine Reserve.

In your interview person 1 needs to ask the following questions:
  1. What is a Marine Reserve?
  2. Why should a Marine Reserve be made here?
  3. What about my campers who come here to fish?
  4. Who is going to look after the Reserve?
  5. Other questions you come up with….

Step 1 - Write your script answering these questions
Here is a template for you to edit:

“Hi my name is ? and this is ?
Today our interview is about a new Marine Reserve.
Question 1: what is a Marine Reserve
Answer A Marine Reserve are areas of the sea.
Question 2: Who is going to look after the Reserve
Answer: nobody
We hope you enjoyed this interview.
Please leave a comment or question if you have one.”

Step 2 - Record your Vocaroo
Click [Click to record]
Record your vocaroo

Step 3 - Embed it into your blog
Listen to your vocaroo to check that its perfect.
Click [Click here to save]
Click [Embed]
Copy the Embed code and paste it into your advice column blog post.

Step 4 - Paste a link of your blog post
Paste a link to your blog post here