Thursday, 7 December 2017

Word Problems & Sudoku

In this blog post I have learnt to play the maths game Sudoku and in the presentation I we had to work some word problems. Some of them were so hard to work out.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Reflection of 2017

Reflection of 2017 

This year was a roller coaster, being a year seven was different from being the other years, because when you are a year seven you have to show the younger kids that you can be a leader next year. 

One of my favourite thing I did this year is going to tech at Tamaki College. There are about 4 or 5 groups which are Hard Materials, Carving, Graphics and Cooking I have been in all the groups but not Carving but hopefully I do it next year.

This year I applied to be a house captain for 2018 for the house Te Aurere. If I get picked next year to be a house captain that would be awesome for me and my family. 

I get to show that I am a great role model for the little kids and that hopefully they would look up to me and be leader when they become a year 8.  

Child Tooth Decay in NZ

WALT: I am able to distinguish between fact and opinion by identifying relevant language features the author has subtly used. 

Room 4 Literacy has learnt about the tooth decay about children looking after there teeth. Most kids haven't lately been brushing there teeth because some can't afford tooth brush/paste or they rather eat junk food.


WALT: Make inferences from text

In this presentation Room 4 literacy has been learning how to inference from a text, so today we had to read 3 texts which are: Shark Scare, The Whispering giant and, Moa all of these text we had to read it and answer some questions from the text.

General Election

WALT: Research and analyse: the election over, what can we make from the results.

In this presentation Room 4 literacy was learning about the election. We had to learn all the party's and leader names. We also had to make up some questions which will make us get use to voting when we are older.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Tonga vs England

In this presentation we had to give opinions about the Tongan game. Also that there were a lot of Tongan supporters than the England supporter.

Monday, 20 November 2017

An Exciting Day

In this explanation writing I will be writing about athletics and how to achieve your personal best.

To achieve your personal best is to have an independent training and run for yourself not your friends. Think about yourself, think about you trying your best to win and if you don’t do one of the things then that's the achieving your personal best.

My favourite station will have to be relay. Why?? Because relay is a game where you run with a team athletes. In relay you can do all sorts of things such as running, jumping, even probably crawling but you have a coloured stick and you pass it on to your teammates all of your team will try to win. There will be other teams that you will be competing against.

My least favourite station will have to be 100 meters sprints, Why?? Because I was so scared to run and when I was running I almost fell and it slowed me down. Then I ran even faster and I came 4th. 1st person was Nyree, 2nd was Angel, Then one of my friends Kerstein who came 3rd then me. But I didn't have to race in the finals which was a bummer for me.

But all that hard work made me happy because at least I had a day with my best friends!!

Friday, 17 November 2017


This term we are learning about music and this week we are learning about orchestra and I know that there are four family's which are Woodwind family, String family, The brass family, and percussion family, and the person that makes there music flow is the conductor which uses a baton to wave around.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Special Guest Gives Me A Touching Speech

This morning team 5 went to go sit on the streets, we waiting to see a special guest. The first thing I saw was a man standing next to Mr Wisemen, I was wondering  what is he doing here. Then Mr Wisemen said "Say good morning to Mr Patterson" So he told us we are going to talk about what do we want to do in the future. 

Image result for be a giverHe also talked about be a giver or if you don't want to be a giver be a taker.  Also AIM which mean (A = Aspiring ) (I = Inspiring ) M = Motivation) . Which means AIM for success which is such a good quote for people to inspire to.

Also talked about a boy named Willie who gave his lunch money to a homeless person who need food which was such a blessing. He was on television and the homeless person now has a job, a big house and all because a 11 year old gave food to him. Hear is a link to find out more about Willie

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Tapaono Statistics

Test Practice

My Journey Being In Team 5

My Journey Being In Team 5
Have you ever been wondering what's it like to be a senior in team 5?? Well I will tell you about my journey throughout this year. Being in team 5 you have to be the leaders at Point England School.
My time at Point England School in team 5 has been awesome because I have met lots of kind and encouraging students and teachers. Being in team 5 is the most hardest team to be in because you have lots of jobs to do around the school. One of my favourite terms has to be term 2 because when the year 8’s left to camp the year 7’s stayed at Point England School we did lots of fun activities it felt like the year 7’s were at a even better camp than the year 8's.
I have been at Point England School for about 4 years, nearly almost everyone started Point England School at 5 years old, but I came to Point England School when I was a year 3 it was like an adventure because I was in a class with year 4 students, it was like being in a class with my older siblings it was so decorated and in the room had lots of different colours, my teacher was beautiful her name was Mrs Nalder and she was an amazing teacher. She teaches me different kinds of awesome things. Then I came up to year 7 which took so long.
Team 5 is the oldest team at Point England School we are older than all the other teams so that makes us the leaders for Point England School. At team 5 there are different unique students they have there own talent which is so amazing. Being in team 5 we start school at 8:30, we also wear different kinds of uniform such as culottes and a black hat we sit on chairs at assembly which is an so amazing.
It is an honour to be in team 5 because I have lots of different kinds of teachers who help me learn and I have friends who are supportive and friendly it’s my second to last year at Point England School and being in team 5. It was the longest journey I have been in, this school was a bit different from all the schools I have been to. But sooner or later everyone will leave this awesome school. Point England School is the best school I have been to!!!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Term 4 Immersion Assembley

When I sat down on the cold red chairs I was reading our theme this term and while I was reading Musical Madness I noticed my teeth was chattering it was freezing cold and I saw different kinds of instrument on the stage there was two different kinds of guitars and some drums and a black trumpet and when Mrs Nua ran up the stage she was holding a tambourine, they made a song that was about MUSICAL MADNESS!!

It was time for TEAM ONE!!! As I was watching what they were doing I could see that they needed a lot of chairs they put a table on the stage and each teacher sat on a chair, I could see Miss Hockly was holding a stack of cards and she was telling the teachers that they should play snap and they put music on. It was a calm music so all the teachers were calm then a scary music there emotions became scared and so on they were angry because there was an angry song on they played lots of songs that include your emotions .

Next was TEAM TWO!!!  Team two had only four teachers all the teachers were off stage and only Miss Gaston was on the stage holding an ukulele. When she started playing the ukulele I could regonise the tune but didnt know what it was until she sang the song she was singing In The Jungle and then 20 seconds later Miss Peck comes up and starts hitting a bell on her thigh next was Miss Tumahai she had a xylophone and she had two sticks she was dragging the sticks on the xylophone next was Ms Nalder she had  a bongo drums she was hitting it with her hands.

After that was TEAM THREE!!! Mrs King stood up and started to say what Team three will be doing and she said that they made clips and put a song in the background. As I was watching it I cloudnt stop laughing because Mr Moran was dancing very funny and the songs they were playing was funny aswell.

Next was TEAM FOUR!!! The team leader Mr Sommerville came up to the stage and started to talk about how there going to make there own orignal instruments and so he told us “HOPE YOU ENJOY” so we began to watch while I was watching I could see that the team 4 teacher were in a car they were lip singing to all the songs they played and once they parked at Pt England School carpark you could see that they parked right next to Mr Jacobsens’s van and he put the window down and he gave the teachers a weird looking face and then the team 4 teachers put there window down and gave Mr Jacobsen like an OMG face and Mr Jacobsen played a funny song and everyone started to laugh.

Lastly was TEAM FIVE!!! I was super exctied because Team 5 is my team as I saw all the teachers gathered on the stage I could see that they had a couch hidden on the stage it looked super heavy as Mr Wisemen, Mrs Iloao was putting the couch down and I could see Mr Wisemen rip a pack of popcorn so all the teachers were sitting on the couch and satared to watch The Lion King and they put a scary song on so the teachers felt scared and so if the music is happy the teachers emotions will change happy.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Last Day Of Term


Something I enjoyed this term was watching the production. Why?? Watching all the actors were so unbelievable. They said there lines clearly, also one of the actors had an awesome Scottish accent. One of my favourite parts were all the dancers they were so on time with each other and was on tune with the song, I loved two dances which were the penguin dance and the piranha and the main actors having a dance battle was also amazing. 

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Measuring Angels

Answering the missing angels?
  1. 360 - 245 = 115°
  2. 125 + 118 = 243 + 117 = 360°
  3. 169 + 134 = 303 + 57 = 360°
  4. 360 - 138 = 222°
  5. 83 + 75 + 94 = 252 + 116 = 360°
  6. 95 + 90 + 118 = 303 + 57 = 360°
  7. 117 + 115 + 65 = 297 + 63 = 360°
  8. 67 + 28 = 95 + 265 = 360°
  9. 19 + 78 + 83 + 97 = 227 + 133 = 360°
  10. 121 + 72 + 90 = 283 + 77 = 360°
  11. 97 + 97 = 194 + 166 = 360°
   M. 124 + 124 = 248 + 122 = 360°
   P. 133 + 109 = 242 + 118 = 360°

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Catching Flounder

Today Point England School went down to the hard court to have an assembly about how we are going to walk down to Point England reserve near Riki Road. Then after Mr Burt gave us instruction, we sang a waiata and had a prayer to make us safe when we walk down. 

Image result for FlounderAfter that we lined up in two lines and went  out the big red door through the crossing and walked until we came across another crossing we had to spread out for people to see the road and then we ran like flash to the other foot path we walked pass muddy puddles and when I look down at my shoes they were wet and grass was everywhere on my shoes. 

Then I looked down at the beach and saw about 12 or less people holding a massive net to try to catch flounder for our school. We sang about two waiata's to make the flounder catcher team know that we love them and to catch as many flounder's as they can, also to bless what they are doing and to show that we can support them and that we are big happy family.

After our Waiata Mr Burt gave us some more instructions that the year 7 & 8 's will be walking down and again when we walked through the wet grass and muddy puddles my shoes were wet and had grass everywhere. And again we spread out to cross and ran to the other foot path and then we walked pass our school crossing and into class we had another assembly but only with team 5 and walked into our class ready for learning.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Wonder Part 4/5

My Experience Of Filming Our Manaikalani Movie

Filming for room 3's manaikalani movie was very difficult because it was so hard to not laugh while we were filming and another difficult thing was remembering our lines. It was a bit hard when one of our group members had one easy simple line to say but every time he tried to say it, he got it wrong. So one of our other group members had to magically jump in and say the answer for him. One of my favourite experience is acting like we were embarrassed of one of my team members. I think room 3's manaikalani movie will make it to the night show because our whole class participated and everyone was acting very talented it was like room 3 had an amazing talent of acting.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Science - Solar System

There are 8 planets which are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune and there is this one dwarf planet which is called Pluto all the planets orbit around the sun.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Speech Finals

On Friday the 25th of August at 12:00 team 5 all went to go sit down on the streets, we were getting ready to hear the speech finalist competition, there were about 13 competitor who attended the finals, it was a mix of girls and boys. 

Image result for Amelia @ pt england schoolThe first person to say there speech was Amelia, her speech was about her pass with her grandma working at her old school Riverina Primary School, she was talking about her grandma smiling while cleaning stinky toilets but when she passed away she really knew why she was smiling she was smiling because she saw her and and her little sister Monika. What I liked about this speech was she was talking about her life and at the end she said " My grandma was smiling because she saw her beautiful cheeky granddaughter". 
Image result for Lotu @ pt england

My favourite speech was Lotu because her speech was so interesting because she was talking about having a simple life, two of my favourite quotes that she said is " Find good people and leave the bad ones" and "Live, Laugh and Love because you only come around once. She had a great hook that said " People do alot of dumb things when they hit the age 12 and over. 

All these speeches were so interesting one or two of them will say there speech at assembly.