Thursday, 10 November 2016

Holiday highlight

On October 10th 2016, we had an immersion assembly Mr Burt was talking about what he did and welcoming us. It was so exciting to be at school on the first day of the last term, and to meet my friends and teachers.

On October 10th, It was the first day of term 4, it was so exciting. I ran to my classroom and saw my beautiful teachers, and my friends. When we first saw eachother we ran to each other and hugged so tight. Then my home room walked to the hall (Room 7.) Then we saw Mr Burt and Mrs Nua making something.

Our whole school came and sat down, Then Mr Burt was welcoming us and saying stuff like “ I missed you guys so much and It felt like forever.” It acutally felt like it was like 5 years. Once Mr Burt said Explosions.

There was a huge “BOOM!!” and it was Mr Jacobsen and Mrs Garden doing an experiment but everytime Mr Burt says explosion Mr Jacobsen always says “OHH I love explosions” Then he always does a witch laugh which is weird.

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