Thursday, 13 April 2017

My Term of being a year 7!!

My Term of being a year 7!!
We all know that the term is going to end sooner or later. So today Thursday 13th of April is my last day of school. First of all I would love to give a big thank you to my teachers for making me have a smile on my face everyday. I love being a year 7 because I get to be a role model to the younger kids and show what awesome looks like.

I know the younger kids is looking up to me because I am older than them and I should be a great leader for my school because whenever I am  wearing my uniform that means I am wearing it with pride and representing my beautiful school Pt England.

I love having a blog because I can show what I think and what my opions about different things and it can show what I am learning in my class. I love blogging I also came 3rd in the summer learning journey

This year my team was learning about how to keep my environment happy and clean. I also learned about to not waste water. I am looking on these questions such as, What will you do if you had no water? What will we drink? Is water important? Are we saving water. All those questions got me thinking am I saving my water, and I realised that the answer is no. All of us is not saving water how do I. Because I know all of you guys out there love to take about 1-2 hours of showering you know what that is called WASTING!!

SHOW SUPPORT!!! If you don’t know what that means it means if someone is singing and you know the words sing along. Then you can show everyone that you are supporting each other then it will go into a chain and your whole school will be singing.

THANK YOU MY BEAUTIFUL TEACHERS!!! ESPECIALLY YOU MRS TELE’A. My teacher are the coolest 2nd coolest most kindest human beings on the earth because they have loved me and looked after me. Some of them teaches me great education and lot’s of hard work.

That is all about my first term being a year 7. It was the best term ever. Thank you Pt England for making me a happy little girl.

*I am going to be posting everyday*

*Here is my blog*

*Here is my award that says I came 3rd in the Summer Learning Journey*

Here is the Team Leader, My home class teacher, and my maths teacher. INTRODUCING... MRS TELE'A she the most kindest lady in the class she has a beautiful smile on everyday. 

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