Monday, 10 April 2017

How Sea Turtles Grow into Adults

How Sea Turtles Grow into Adults
Sea turtles have been around for 150 million years. It takes around 20 years for a turtle to grow to be a breeding adult.

First it starts with a mother sea turtle, the mother sea turtles lays the eggs then the sea turtle buries the eggs under the ground, mother sea turtles lays about 50-200 eggs. It takes about 6 weeks to hatch. Only 20% of the eggs hatch. Each small enough to fit in your palm of your hand.

After that the baby turtles hatch and they are on a journey, it is a journey because the little babies have to go past their predators which is: Crabs, Seagull, and most importantly pollution. Only 50% of the turtles don’t survive.

Then some of the baby turtles have some more predators from the sea which are: sharks, fish, dolphins and big waves.  Also 50% of the sea turtles die. Sea Turtles can grow really big.From Example: In 10 years grow from size of a dinner plate to a dinner table.

It will take 20 years to be a breeding adult. Female sea turtles swim to the beach to burrie there eggs.

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