Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Catching Flounder

Today Point England School went down to the hard court to have an assembly about how we are going to walk down to Point England reserve near Riki Road. Then after Mr Burt gave us instruction, we sang a waiata and had a prayer to make us safe when we walk down. 

Image result for FlounderAfter that we lined up in two lines and went  out the big red door through the crossing and walked until we came across another crossing we had to spread out for people to see the road and then we ran like flash to the other foot path we walked pass muddy puddles and when I look down at my shoes they were wet and grass was everywhere on my shoes. 

Then I looked down at the beach and saw about 12 or less people holding a massive net to try to catch flounder for our school. We sang about two waiata's to make the flounder catcher team know that we love them and to catch as many flounder's as they can, also to bless what they are doing and to show that we can support them and that we are big happy family.

After our Waiata Mr Burt gave us some more instructions that the year 7 & 8 's will be walking down and again when we walked through the wet grass and muddy puddles my shoes were wet and had grass everywhere. And again we spread out to cross and ran to the other foot path and then we walked pass our school crossing and into class we had another assembly but only with team 5 and walked into our class ready for learning.

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