Wednesday, 25 October 2017

My Journey Being In Team 5

My Journey Being In Team 5
Have you ever been wondering what's it like to be a senior in team 5?? Well I will tell you about my journey throughout this year. Being in team 5 you have to be the leaders at Point England School.
My time at Point England School in team 5 has been awesome because I have met lots of kind and encouraging students and teachers. Being in team 5 is the most hardest team to be in because you have lots of jobs to do around the school. One of my favourite terms has to be term 2 because when the year 8’s left to camp the year 7’s stayed at Point England School we did lots of fun activities it felt like the year 7’s were at a even better camp than the year 8's.
I have been at Point England School for about 4 years, nearly almost everyone started Point England School at 5 years old, but I came to Point England School when I was a year 3 it was like an adventure because I was in a class with year 4 students, it was like being in a class with my older siblings it was so decorated and in the room had lots of different colours, my teacher was beautiful her name was Mrs Nalder and she was an amazing teacher. She teaches me different kinds of awesome things. Then I came up to year 7 which took so long.
Team 5 is the oldest team at Point England School we are older than all the other teams so that makes us the leaders for Point England School. At team 5 there are different unique students they have there own talent which is so amazing. Being in team 5 we start school at 8:30, we also wear different kinds of uniform such as culottes and a black hat we sit on chairs at assembly which is an so amazing.
It is an honour to be in team 5 because I have lots of different kinds of teachers who help me learn and I have friends who are supportive and friendly it’s my second to last year at Point England School and being in team 5. It was the longest journey I have been in, this school was a bit different from all the schools I have been to. But sooner or later everyone will leave this awesome school. Point England School is the best school I have been to!!!

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