Saturday, 17 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey- Bonus Round- Day 2- Week 1

What I have to do is that I have to write if I had the opportunity to go to Wellington, and what would I do. 

Bonus Round - To get 8 points.

If I had the opportunity to go to Wellington I would like to go dinner at Quay Street because there are all sorts of food like MC Donald's and stuff like that, I also heard that it will be so crowed because people love to go to the restaurants. If I got the chance to go to the beehive or botanical gardens, I would choose botanical garden because I heard there is a lot of pretty and colorful flowers and plants. If someone gave me a ticket to go to Wellington well I will cry for like a week and say thank you to them every time I see them. 


  1. Happy holidays! Awesome work Anna, very glad you are taking part in the Summer Learning Journey. You have made Wellington look very appealing. Any ideas of what I could do during my holidays with my boys in Auckland?

    1. Well you can stay home and love you boys the way you love team 4. Is that good advice haha. I am just joking but if you really want to do that good, But you could go visit your family but actually you can do both.

      Thanks Mr Somerville,

      From: Anna

  2. Kia ora Anna!

    You're really doing some great work. I lived in Wellington for 3 years so I know all those places you're talking about! It is very nostalgic!

    Another place you might want to check out is the waterfront, especially in summer. Can you swim? There is a safe place you can jump off the wharf while your family watch you from a cafe, or the is Weta Studios, which is an amazing place to visit and has helped make lots of really famous movies!

    Looking forward to the next post!


  3. Thanks Mark

    But I was about to jump off a wharf at camp, wait actually Mr Somerville was supposed to push us but we didn't go because the waves I think. Well I don't know and I can swim. If you are wondering Mr Somerville is the person up there. The very handsome and cool teacher. I bet you are the same thing.

    From: Anna