Monday, 29 February 2016

The disappearance

The disappearance

One afternoon a girl named Sheales was playing outside, her mother came outside and said
“ Sheales can you go and buy me some milk please.” “ Yes mum” said Sheales. So her mum gave her the money and she started to walk to the shops.

While she was walking she was singing as well “ LA LA LA LA” said Sheales, Then Sheales tripped she had hurt herself so badly, she was screaming so LOUD. After that she started to calm down but then she saw a black shadow, it was a man. Sheales said “ Who are you?” The man replied “ Hi my name is Mr Somerville I am a teacher at Pt England School, I heard you screaming so I ran all the way here.”

Mr Somerville and Sheales was talking for a long time, but  while they were talking they saw a car came past and then it just disappeared. Sheales was very scared she said to Mr Somerville “W-What just happened,” Mr Somerville replied “ Well a car came past and it just disappeared, Why?” Mr Somerville didn't care what happened but Sheales did she was shaking so fast, There were no cars on the road.

Mr Somerville said “ Look.” “Look at what?” Said Sheales “ The trees were fading.” Sheales and Mr Somerville were panicking “ HELP HELP” said Sheales and Mr Somerville nobody replied back because the people were fading as well.  The only people that were alive was Sheales and Mr Somerville, Sheales was wondering if her mum was still alive. So she ran home with Mr Somerville, but Mr Somerville couldn't catch up to Sheales she was too fast.

They finally made it to Sheales’s house. Sheales rushed to the door she knocked on the door,  but nobody was home, she saw a window it was open Sheales told Mr Somerville to get on the floor but Mr Somerville said “ But I just brought these new pants, I don’t want to mess it up” “ Hurry up” said Sheales so Mr Somerville went on the floor his pants got muddy, Sheales climbed into the window then she jumped into the house she opened the door for Mr Somerville. They looked everywhere but her mum was nowhere to be found.

“ It’s ok, you will have to live with me then” said Mr Somerville Sheales was so sad, but they heard a knock on the door  Sheales rushed to the door and it was her mum she gave her a big hug. “ I brought the milk because you didn't get it” said Sheales’s mum. So Sheales introduced Mr Somerville to her mum and they were best friends. So they lived happily ever after.

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