Monday, 29 February 2016

The Cat At The Beach

Walt: narrate a story that involves a cat, at the beach and a friend needs help

It was a beautiful sunny day to spend at the beach. Kerstein the cat was relaxing on the hot white sand. Her master was paddling in the refreshing crystal water, when suddenly her friend Nyree came along. He was looking very sorry for himself.

“Why the long face?” asked Kerstein “My grandma died” replied Nyree, Kerstein said “ I am so sorry about your grandma but would you like to do something, maybe a game?”. “ No actually I don’t feel like a game today, maybe tomorrow?” Said Nyree. Kerstein did everything to cheer up Nyree, but she always said “NO”.

Nyree will always say to Kerstein “ What do you think my grandma is doing right now?”. Kerstein said “ Come on let’s get Ice- cream”, “OK” said Nyree. So Kerstein and Nyree walked to their master and they saw him eating a ice-cream Kerstein and Nyree started to dig the sand the master was so confused “ What are doing” said the master. The master didn't know what they were doing so the master just gave his ice-cream to Kerstein and Nyree. So Nyree was so happy she had forgotten about her grandma.

Here is a story about at cat named Kerstein and Nyree that went to the beach

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