Thursday, 1 June 2017

My IKAN Test Results

In Room 3 maths class, we completed another  IKAN test. When we first did our IKAN test it was so hard because it was way too fast.   We had all work off one big screen at the front of the room.
  We were very overwhelmed and so scared we were going to get all the answers wrong. 

This time around we got to do our IKAN test on our own netbooks and given our own earphones.  We got to listen to it two times.  I felt this was easier to do.

I was very disappointed because my answers were not all correct.  I got most answers right which is the good news. We got to mark our answers ourselves and I would say that was really fun because we got to circle our silly mistakes that we knew but we weren't thinking hard enough and we got to mark that right.

   But I was kinda mad but I hope we do this again so I can try harder to get my answers right. 

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