Wednesday, 24 May 2017

My First Netball Game

My First Netball Game

My first netball game was amazing. My netball name is called the passion. My team named our team passion because we need to play with passion and play strong.

Our first game was at court 15 and we were vs St Cuths. I was playing GK for the whole game I was never reserve. Our game was really hard 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarter our team thought we were going to lose but we just kept on encouraging each other to play there hardest.

On the last quarter we were playing with a lot of passion. When we finished our game we asked if Bryana could tell us what the score was and WE WON!!! The score was 14 to St Cuths and 16 to PT ENGLAND. We were jumping up like wild animals.

We couldn’t believe it but when we go changed to our uniforms we got award from our beautiful Coach Dianna and our awesome manager Gina. Dianna gave us hot chips each!! And Gina gave us a kit kat each it was the best.

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