Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Explanation Writing - What Makes A Good Friend

Explanation Writing

In this explanation writing I am writing about what makes a good friend. A good friend is trustworthy, Loyal, and caring.

Trustworthy Friends.

Trustworthy friends are people who are can trust each other and be worthy. How do you know when you want to trust your friend? If you have a friend you have to trust them because she/he have to know you like them as friend.

Loyal Friends.

Loyal friends is someone who supports you in everything. For Example: If you fall down when you are playing a game and they are on the side line they will just cheer you on.  

Caring Friends.

Caring friends is someone who cares about you. For Example: If someone hurt your feeling they will try to cheer you up but doing a funny face or dancing weirdly. Also if you hurt your self your friend will take you to the nurse’s office/sickbay.

Friends are a really good thing to have in your life because you can talk to them about anything.

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