Thursday, 26 February 2015

My best birthday ever

My best birthday when I turned 2 years old because we first we ate a pizza.

Then after I got lots of presents and my big brother opened 2 presents for me and it was a little pink bike but I have to ride on the bike when I am 4 years old and then I unwrapped another present and it was pens and a coloring book. I coloured straight lines all over the place then my sister coloured with a pink pen she coloured neatly.

Then I have to take a picture with my birthday cake but when my mum and dad lit the candles up I cried and I was sitting on my Aunt's lap and she is named after me then we ate the big square cake.
Then I had lots of balloons when my sister popped one I cried loud like a chicken then I was holding a red balloon It was so fun.

I felt happy and I enjoyed it I wish I was 2 again


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